Who Really Produces "Fake" Watche?
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Thread: Who Really Produces "Fake" Watche?

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    Who Really Produces "Fake" Watche?

    I've just returned home from a four months stint visiting dozens of different cities in the UK, Middle East and South East Asia. Everywhere I've gone, I've looked at watches, watches, watches and while at Siem Reap, Cambodia had my first real look at a truck load of Rolex, Tag-Heuer, Brietling and other FAKE watches.

    It occurred to me that it would be a good marketing strategy to run both the genuine arm of a watch manufacturing company and the fake arm - capture both ends of the market. Can't afford the $8,000 Rolex? Get a look-alike for $25.

    Setting up the tooling to produce a watch case must be expensive, especially if one company is producing such a wide variety of fakes. They no doubt buy the battery-powered workings that go in the cases, but there's still a huge cost.

    Has Rolex, Brietling et al ever sued the companies making these watches? No. Is it because it's too hard to get anything happening in China or India or wherever else these watches are being made, or is it because they are making them themselves?

    It reminds me of the days when people were suggesting companies producing anti-virus software were also producing viruses to sell their products. Who knows?
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    Re: Who Really Produces "Fake" Watche?

    Discussing the production of fakes.is against forum rules.

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    Re: Who Really Produces "Fake" Watche?

    Let me also say that once on a cruise ship a fellow wore a Invicta pro diver watch.
    It made me do a double look to confirm it wasn't a Submariner.
    That's an even worse problem than being a fake.

    So many divers out there just copying other designs.


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    Re: Who Really Produces "Fake" Watche?

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    Thumbs Up Re: Who Really Produces "Fake" Watche?

    Rolex some years back did a "number" on Marcello C.

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    Re: Who Really Produces "Fake" Watche?


    No discussion of fakes on WUS.
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    Re: Who Really Produces "Fake" Watche?

    Once upon a time there was a requirement to be permitted to manufacture and trade in some markets to set up a local JV with majority local ownership.
    It was not unusual, and even considered standard practice, for the JV to then leverage for their own benefit and impossible to prosecute or pursue for a range of reasons. (Some political, some practical...)

    Times have changed though and I don't believe this is the case as much any more and larger JV partnerships are built on stronger foundations with a more Global, rather than local view skew the risk/benefit.

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    Re: Who Really Produces "Fake" Watche?

    Closed. Rule 9 prohibits discussion of fakes.

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