Why Does The Passion Fade?

Thread: Why Does The Passion Fade?

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    Why Does The Passion Fade?

    You buy a new watch, can't wait to get it, it's on your mind all the time, pretty excited, enthused...You wait day by day for the Fed Ex/UPS guy or gal to show up.

    Then, you have it. It's on your wrist...It's just what you thought it would be.

    3 weeks later, it's not on your wrist but in your watch box....passion has faded like an old flame.

    Why is that? There must be some deeper process going on than just getting bored (and I don't mean bored really) and losing your "lust" for the watch, or is that all it is?

    Just thinking about it. Probably a good horological pychologist would help....lol

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    Re: Why Does The Passion Fade?

    This may be your problem, but not mine. I wearing my Lucien Piccard
    right now and I bought it just over 45 years ago.

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    Re: Why Does The Passion Fade?

    Not having that problem here, I wear a different watch everyday
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    Re: Why Does The Passion Fade?

    I think what happens is not a passion fade but a longing for the others.

    I will generally wear a new watch quite often at first...not just for infatuation, but also to check timing, comfort, and a host of other things.

    But I also get lonely for my other watches and like to rotate...but several are definitely that are go to pieces.


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    Re: Why Does The Passion Fade?

    I don't consider myself to have a lot of watches to begin with (especially compared to others ); my collection might get a few "beg to differs" from the gallery, but, they're arguably competent pieces, and, I love, proudly wear, and care for 'em's what matters. But, I digress.

    Firstly, I think it's more along the lines of the "thrill of the hunt" kinda' logic. The hunter finally at the end compares little with the preparation and the chase. But, s/he still likes the game and trophy mounted at the end.

    There's another phenomeon -- the "now . . . what's next" slant. Got the watch you've looked at for a few weeks and waited another week or few weeks to get it . . . so, what's next, what do I get next. Doesn't help fuel this is that we keep looking at new models (or for vintage folks, discovery of past models).

    And . . . maybe it's how we can compare the newbie to the other watches we have . . . and realize the newbie ain't necessarily better than the veterans. Shiny, new, updated . . . but, we have that thought very thought don't we? That is, "you mean, with a little bit more thinking I coulda' saved myself thousands if I had just convinced myself the ___________ IN FACT looks, feels, moves better than this new thing?!?" But, we end up appreciating the newer thing just as much (especially when we pick up ANOTHER watch, which is inevitable).

    My fav' analogy's with regard to my little league career. Dad sees my ol' "beat up" (inevitable, ubiquitious for li'l leaguers) catcher's mitt, say, "well, let's go down to the goods store, pick up a new one." We do just that, one nice Saturday afternoon (nice to receive watches on a nice Saturday afternoon, too, eh?). Got a REALLY nice one. Looks super; me and pa immediately play catch 'til sundown with the new glove. Game day comes . . . I'm using the old glove. Not 'cause of superstition . . . but, because I trust the oldie and it feels better in my hand. Ended up using the newer glove once the old glove just no longer had the padding I wanted. OK then.

    I dunno if this rambles too much, but, these're my impressions. Good thread.
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    Re: Why Does The Passion Fade?

    Never experienced this. I wear all my watches with non-fading-passion. If the passion fades regarding a special watch I own I will sell it. Wasn't the right one then.

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    Re: Why Does The Passion Fade?

    For me, at least, a part of what you describe is a need for something to look forward to...... a source of anticipation and excitement. When the new treasure arrives, the climax is immediately replaced by the anticlimax, hotly pursued by "Now what?"

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    Re: Why Does The Passion Fade?

    I too have purchased watches after seeing them here and there and reading up on them. I waited anxiously for their arrival and wore them steady for a few weeks. After the giddy honeymoon, they then just went into a rotation.

    The thing is .... I have never sold a watch. Yup, never sold a watch, I have every watch I have ever purchased because I have realized that I purchased that watch for a reason...cuz I liked it alot. You know what? I've gone back and worn all of my old watches over the years and never regretted keeping them. Right now, I'm wearing my Sinn UX which has sat for a few months. I thought, very briefly, of flipping it but I am really glad I didn't as it's such a great watch. I think, over time, long after the honeymoon, one tends to appreciate things for what they really are. I have learned to go with my initial judgements that have caused me to spend large amounts of money in the pursuit of <insert watch name here>.

    For me, the passion doesn't fade, it just becomes solidified over time. After getting sidetracked by the newest most interesting thing that I really must get, I always return and am rewarded with a new honeymoon with that old watch I've pulled out of the drawer. Things like watches tend to grow on me over the long haul.

    Just a few thoughts.


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    Re: Why Does The Passion Fade?

    It hasn't for me coz i simply can't find another watch that i like more.


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    Re: Why Does The Passion Fade?

    I have instituted a waiting period becuase I too have had the excitement of a new watch only to find that a little bit down the road it is never on my wrist. Since I have gone almost entirely vintage my collection has become more near and dear to me. The older watches seem to have more character and therfore I do not seem to get tired of them
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