Why are we detached from reality?
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Thread: Why are we detached from reality?

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    Why are we detached from reality?

    Are WIS living in the past with regard to what it takes to make our watches? Many seem to have a romanticized image of a bearded old Swiss man wearing lederhosen working away at a bench meticulously hand filing and polishing watches.

    In reality most watches are churned out on CNC mills. Polished by machine and inspected using optical sensors. Far from the image many have of a skilled craftsman plying his tools. Even using the term “hand assembled” conjures up images of a skilled craftsman toiling for hours carefully piecing together a watch increasing it’s value and desirability. Truth is movement assembly is a relatively unskilled task that probably takes an assembler less than an hour.

    Decorative finishing is the same. Highly sought after perlage and Geneva stripes take literally minutes on computer controlled equipment yet we act like someone spent days of hand work on them. They don’t

    There was a time when these things were done by hand and skilled craftsman spent years perfecting their skills. Those days are gone yet us watch nerds continue to act like things still happen that way even though we know they don’t. Why?

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    Re: Why are we detached from reality?


    Have you watched this documentary?

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    Re: Why are we detached from reality?

    Well...at least the guys running the CAD/CAM machine are wearing lederhosen, right?

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    Re: Why are we detached from reality?

    Quote Originally Posted by Alysandir View Post
    Well...at least the guys running the CAD/CAM machine are wearing lederhosen, right?

    No, but the Swatch Robots do. Rumor has it that they even get a 30 minute pretzel break in the company cafeteria.
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    Re: Why are we detached from reality?

    Some WIS might do some others might not.
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    Re: Why are we detached from reality?

    Surprised by this thread... does anyone really believe that machinery/technology is not building these watches???
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    Re: Why are we detached from reality?

    I don't consider myself a WIS, but I have never perceived a WIS envisioning the master craft you portray minus beard, lederhosen, etc. The closest might be Dufour.

    Hand assembled conjures up people inspecting CNC/machined parts, ensuring optimal fit, optimally regulating and QC'ing the final result.

    It's not different than 'custom' 1911s. It's possible for any given $600 rack grade to be accurate, but the fit & finish is inconsistent and junky. The $4000 custom grade is still assembled from bulk machined parts but they're hand-selected for best fit, inspected for best finish, all edges are deburred, surfaces polished, assembled and finished from start-to-end by the same person, etc. It's guaranteed to look great and be accurate.
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    Re: Why are we detached from reality?

    Q: Are watch collectors aware of the industrial revolution and changes it brought to the manufacture of mechanical watches in the 1800's? And that modern manufacturing techniques are widely used now.
    A: Yes without exception.
    Q: Are watch collectors also aware that quartz watch movements are not manufactured by hand?
    A: Yes
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    Re: Why are we detached from reality?

    What about the special Christmas watches made by Santa Claus in the North Pole? Those are still made by elves, yes?

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    Re: Why are we detached from reality?

    I only care that the watch is pretty, reliable, and accurate. I wouldn't want some part-time farmer making watch parts in the Winter to make my watches.
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