Why are we not allowed to discuss 'certain things'?

Thread: Why are we not allowed to discuss 'certain things'?

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    Why are we not allowed to discuss 'certain things'?

    Following the closure of a recent thread about 'responses to being asked about certain things', I am forced to wonder why it was closed. I understand why WUS don't want us discussing criminal activities in any sort of positive light (ie condoning the sale of counterfeit goods), but surely the problems these issues raise within the watchmaking industry deserve to be discussed.

    I am by no means inferring that all topics regarding such things should be allowed. But is a blanket ban the best option? For example, there is a distinct difference between a forgery and an homage, yet both could be considered a 'replica'. Someone new to the world of watches may not fully appreciate the distinction, but WUS would deny them the possibility to learn more (and risk them choosing the forgery over the homage).

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    Re: Why are we not allowed to discuss 'certain things'?

    It's not a "blanket" ban. WUS does allow the discussion of replica watches if previously approved by a moderator or administrator and if the topic is deemed to be in the best interests of the site membership, such as alerting people to fakes or the like. Obviously parameters for exception to the rule are going to be fairly narrow and the threads you see being closed do not meet them.

    Here is the specific rule:

    8 No discussions or pictures of replica watches, or links to replica watch sites unless previously approved by a moderator or the site owner.

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