Will u still be a collector?

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Thread: Will u still be a collector?

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    Will u still be a collector?

    If it ain't cool no more to be wearing a watch on the street 1 day just like top hats have gone out of style,will u still be collecting watches?

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    Re: Will u still be a collector?

    Yes. They are mainly collectibles for me, wearing them is only incidental.

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    Re: Will u still be a collector?

    Its all about enjoying the wrist time for me and has nothing to do with public perception.
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    Re: Will u still be a collector?

    yeah ill wear em always. and if they go out of style, ill just bring that trend back! im cool like that

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    Re: Will u still be a collector?

    I'll bin the lot of em and start collecting whatever happens to be cool.

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    Re: Will u still be a collector?

    It's my life.

    I decide what's cool, and I've decided I like watches

    I repeat: "Fashion" is for followers. There is no "in" or "out". There is only style.

    Example: Slash wears a top hat. Slash has style. And his coolness is beyond dispute. (I don't think he wears a watch...I've never checked.)

    Edit: just did: My error...

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    Re: Will u still be a collector?

    If they ever go out of style, I'll be an old man by then. Old people are allowed to do all kinds of unfashionable things. So, no problem. Hell, I can probably get away with wearing two watches per wrist when I'm old.
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    Re: Will u still be a collector?

    Yep - I intend to always wear a decent watch - I would feel undressed without one. Outside WUS, I know only one person who is a real WIS. I know only a handful who have decent watches - generally given as 21st b'days gifts.

    Where I live few people are into watches - very few would recognise my watches, and many would be amazed at the cost and think it ridiculous. So being a mid level expensive automatic Swiss watch wearer is already uncool.

    One of my best pals never wears a watch - I have spoken to him about this and he told me its a generational thing (he's only 4 years younger )- he is certainly more culture cool conscious and he gets the time off his mobile phone - he thinks I am already a dinosaur! I think for many the mobile phone has replaced the watch, diary etc

    I spotted a group of elderly gents yesterday. As always I instinctively looked at their watches - all of them had small (35mm) thin (sub 10mm)rotary type gold plated watches on leather straps - fashions change

    I think many folk will always wear watches, but the the trend style and range of functionality will change in the future methinks

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    Re: Will u still be a collector?

    Just as Ascots have never gone out of style-so watches will never go out of style for certain folks. It is called "class".

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    Re: Will u still be a collector?

    Did someone say Slash is cool? I was thinking tool. Hehehe

    Watches aren't going to go out of style in our lifetime.

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