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    what happens if you let an automatic sit for a few months without wear? can you damage the watch? just trying to find out if i have to invest it a winder. i have a superocean and a charriol rotonde. thank you

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    Re: winder

    I let all my watches wind down when I am not using them. I dont think its good for the watch to just let it sit for months. So even if I dont wear the watch I wind it once or twice a month to get all the oils moving again.
    Im not sure but I would also think having the watch running all the time even when not in use would just lead to shorter times between servicing.

    Its up to you whether or not you want to get a winder. You only have two watches so if you alternate between them you wouldn't need one. Or if you wear one daily and the other one only sometimes then you could just let it wind down to minimize wear. The winder will just prevent you from having to set the time date etc if the watch winds down.

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