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    Winding a De Ville Prestige

    Hi all
    I have recently bought a De Ville prestige (calibre 2500) from an authorised dealer. I have a doubt about its winding. I read online that normally automatic watches should be wound clockwise, that is, rotating the crown away from you while wearing the watch on your wrist. My Omega only accepts to be wound anticlockwise (that is, towards me while wearing the watch) and offers some resistance to being wound in the opposite direction, which of course I do not even try to overcome. Is this normal? Have you experienced the same with that calibre? I checked the instruction manual but doesn't say anything specific, there's only a double arrow which would seem to suggest that the crown can be wound in either direction.


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    Re: Winding a De Ville Prestige

    No resistance = no winding. Turning the crown away from you is the way to wind it. You could also do like I do and not let go of the crown, turning it back and forth in your fingers. That's how my dad taught me to wind a watch some forty years ago.

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