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    Wooo Hoooooo!!

    Hey Cats,
    Check this out! I've always wanted one of these timepieces but couldn't bring myself to drop the sizable coin these things call for when they're working. A true piece of digital history, in fact the genisis of the digital watch age and amazingly enough.... it works! Way to go Hamilton!
    I recieved this as a treat from a Michigan pal of mine who collects vintage Hot Wheels like myself known in the hobby as redlines. We collectors will do that sort of thing with each other from time to time.

    While I've got your attention can someone help me get ahold of instructions on how to set the time & date on this thing, my watch guy pop the batteries in and set the time but he couldn't figure out the date part so if you could help I'b be very greatful because after the research I've done to date I'll be changing the batteries in about 10 to 12 months because that's all they last in these little energy pigs
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    Re: Wooo Hoooooo!!

    Nice gift, a little piece of history there eh? The battery dying so often sounds like a flaw though that I couldn't take thankfully its not like that anymore.
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