The Worry of Liking the Smartwatch Too Much
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Thread: The Worry of Liking the Smartwatch Too Much

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    The Worry of Liking the Smartwatch Too Much

    I love traditional watchmaking. I don't think I really need to go through the reasons here. If you're reading this, I'm sure you understand and share similar sentiments.

    But, the other day I preordered an Apple Watch 4. This will be my first smartwatch. I really did it for the gym and working out. I really hate having my phone on me or having to keep track of it somewhere around me when working out, so the fact that I can leave the phone behind is great. The music aspect of the phone alone makes it a necessity, and now the smartwatch will take its place. I also run occasionally and swim a fair amount. The fact that this device can digitally track these workouts and progress is pretty cool and may improve my workout quality in terms of setting goals or looking at trends in data and adjusting. It also senses heart rate and a bunch of other stuff I don't even know about yet.

    I've started to think, though, what if I like this too much? Is there a chance of it replacing something about which I'm passionate and have spent countless hours learning about and enjoying? And that gets to the bigger question: What happens in the future when this type of device can give you even more health-related data and it would be foolish to omit wearing one? We will certainly reach that point. Perhaps it could be worn on some forearm band or something with a traditional watch.

    For the traditionalists: What smartwatch feature would make you second-guess not owning one?

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    Re: The Worry of Liking the Smartwatch Too Much

    If I only had to charge it once a week, I might think about it, either way it won't be a Apple product.

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    Re: The Worry of Liking the Smartwatch Too Much

    I think you're right, OP. Wrist time is valuable, but the health benefits of smart watches are becoming too significant to ignore, even for us watch lovers.

    I typically wear a Fitbit Alta HR on one wrist and a mechanical watch on the other. Felt goofy at first but now I'm able to enjoy both.

    The Fitbit lends itself well to this. It's relatively low profile and doesn't require charging everyday.

    I swore off the Apple Watch, but must admit I'm intrigued by the new series 4.
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    Re: The Worry of Liking the Smartwatch Too Much

    They better release an ankle bracelet version because I totally get it and it makes so much sense to buy one. But I’m NEVER giving up wrist space to wear one over one of my pieces of mechanical art.
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    Re: The Worry of Liking the Smartwatch Too Much

    I bought an Apple Watch a year or so ago, and for a while I liked it 'too much', but it wore off after a month or so. I sold it last month. So don't worry, there's still hope for you :)

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    Re: The Worry of Liking the Smartwatch Too Much

    Most of us have two wrists. Just sayin'.

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    Re: The Worry of Liking the Smartwatch Too Much

    I already wrote it in another thread- more and more companies are abandoning watches after realizing that there is not use for it beyond the basics- notifications, reminders, very limited remote control etc.
    I have tried to use my Apple Watch for things that looks obvious but found it cumbersome and buggy, some examples:
    Apple Home Automation ? Keeps disconnecting or being unresponsive, you can only use few pre-defined shortcuts
    Maps- only Apple maps are supported with very limited navigation functionality
    Evernote- that's more or less the only note apps that actually do something, but it usually required fiddling and a long time to find something
    Siri- many disconnections or not being able to connect, low recognition rate compared to the phone, not really usable

    Add to that short battery life (even 3 days on the bigger Samsung Gear is short for me), short expected lifespan- Apple supports devices only a couple of generations back Samsung does something similar, not to mention lack of future spare parts and battery degradation.
    As for the Apple watch not being able to properly configure how the watch looks except for a very limited collection of faces.

    My Apple watches is now in storage and I went back to a Omega SMP 2254

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    Re: The Worry of Liking the Smartwatch Too Much

    Don't be sucked do not need the data to be healthy.

    Work hard each time you exercise that is all you need. Your heart rate, PAH I say. Harder you work higher it is. Excercise regularly and you will be fitter, you do not need the data and it will distract you.

    I tried my wife's old Fitbit, novel at first but pointless.

    If you are on the go and get a lot of messages, then maybe. All the Rest.....PAH, don't be sucked in.
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    Re: The Worry of Liking the Smartwatch Too Much

    As a semi-traditionalist, the smartwatch feature that makes me second guess not owning one is the fact that it is connected. If I wanted The Man to know where I was, I would wear a Breitling Emergency II.
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    Re: The Worry of Liking the Smartwatch Too Much

    I like my gadgets as well as my watches, but I will always be wearing a watch. Even though I think smart watches will grow more important and independent of the phone, like in sci-fi movies and tv shows, where they are usually wearing some kind of communications/interactive device on their arm/wrist. But we are far away from that right now.

    I am “double wristing” with a Fitbit, but they are very light weight and slim so it does not look unusual. A smart watch and mechanical watch on each wrist does look funny though.

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