Worth $60?
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Thread: Worth $60?

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    Worth $60?

    So I found an interesting watch for sale locally, since I'm always looking for deals. I know Pulsar is not a good brand, but I wondered if this little guy is worth the $60 anyhow.
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    Re: Worth $60?

    I've spent $60 bucks a lot more foolishly.
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    Re: Worth $60?

    if you like the look, then yes. a new Pulsar quartz chrono wouldn't be much more than $60, though.
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    Re: Worth $60?

    Too many variables to say without more information.

    What does the rest of your collection look like?
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    Re: Worth $60?

    For 60 dollars you can't go wrong.

    You'd have a nice looking beater with chronograph and 100m WR - what's not to like?

    Edited to add: and it's got an alarm feature!
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    Re: Worth $60?

    Here’s the way I look at things, regardless of price: if I absolutely love a watch, if I know that I’ll wear it often and that doing so will make me happy...then the watch is worth every penny of its cost. But on the flip-side; if I’m not really drawn to a watch and I’m not truly feelin’ it, if I question whether it’s right for me or how often I’ll actually wear it....then it’s not worth a single penny of its cost.

    Hope that makes some sense. Bottom line: Pulsar isn’t a bad brand. If you love the watch, go for it and enjoy the crap out of it. If not, keep looking.

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    Re: Worth $60?

    I like it but would give it a pass. Not a fan of the alarm function or the small pusher, personally.

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    Re: Worth $60?

    No, just another watch to kick around in the unworn watch drawer, shoebox or whatever.
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    Worth $60?

    Itís $60, thatís strap money or a couple of over priced drinks at a trendy bar on a Saturday night. Go for it. You could do a lot worse.
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    Re: Worth $60?

    Pulsar isnít all bad. They are a sub-brand of Seiko.

    But that looks pretty shabby. Iíd pass.
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