Would like some help identifying watch

Thread: Would like some help identifying watch

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    Would like some help identifying watch

    Hey everyone, this watch popped up in a recent fashion campaign and I am completely stumped as to what brand/model it may be. Wouldn't bother me too much usually, except i really love the design. I'm not expecting much luck, as I have searched the photo gallery of the 24 hr watches thread, another thread on 'red accents' due to its red seconds hand, and a few 'identify this watch' threads in case someone else was on the same hunt. I would really appreciate if someone more experienced could possibly tell me where to continue looking!


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    Re: Would like some help identifying watch

    Hmm I wouldn't rule out the possibility it's a custom and perhaps non-functional piece, they design all kinds of things to avoid branding.

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    Re: Would like some help identifying watch

    It's not a Meistersinger (I don't think, anyway) but it really reminds me of them. Might do a WUS search for watches similar to Meistersinger

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