Would you like to see my strap?
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Thread: Would you like to see my strap?

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    Would you like to see my strap?

    I'm sure many of you have seen articles about the WENA, but if you don't know what it is or are curious, please read on :)

    I don't have a huge collection of watches, but I do like to wear them and rotate through them depending on my mood or the occasion. I also like to track my heart when exercising, get an idea of how well I am sleeping, and get notifications when my phone is in my pocket. So, for a while I have worn my watch on my left wrist, and a fitness band on my right wrist. It has been a rather clumsy solution, but it has worked.

    Recently I have been trying to find an alternative to wearing two devices, this is where the Sony WENA comes in.

    The Sony WENA is a smart watch strap. The idea is that you can attach the strap to your Breitling, Omega, Rolex etc. like a normal strap or bracelet and have the best of both worlds.

    Like this.

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    Sony make two versions. A bracelet version that looks like a standard steel bracelet, and an Active version, made of rubber and a bit more sporty. The Active is the one I got, mainly because it has more features (heart rate and GPS), but also because I'm not keen on bracelets.

    The Active comes with lug connectors for 18mm, 20mm and 22mm so you should be able to connect the unit to most watches. You connect the lug connectors to your watch and then that snaps onto the band.

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    This works well and it is very easy to swap watches and also use the WENA active on it's own as a sports band.

    The main problem I have with the set up is that it is a thick rubber band that is sitting under your watch. Imagine having a very thick nato strap or leather nato. So, the watch sits quite high. It's not uncomfortable, just not the reason you spend 1000's of $ on a watch.

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    So, I started to do a bit of home hacking...

    It's very easy to detach the WENA unit from the rubber strap. It's just a couple of spring bars holding it in place.

    After a bit of head scratching, the process turned out to be quite simple.
    Take one of my rubber divers straps, connect it to the lugs of the watch head and measure where I would need to cut it to reach the WENA properly.
    Trim the other end of the strap as the WENA connection end is 18mm wide.
    Make some holes in the WENA end of the rubber strap to push through the spring bars.

    That's it!

    Admittedly, my first attempt was a bit messy, so I have a couple of rubber straps and a cutting knife on order to do it properly next time. But I'm happy with the result.

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    As to the WENA itself?

    Well, it does the job.

    The Sony app that runs on the phone is lacking in a lot of options. It does show your calls and notifications that you have set up to receive, step count, heart rate (if activated), calories used and a basic sleep display.

    The Sony display should be amazing because that's what Sony are famous for right? No. The display has some horrible protective coating over it, so all the text looks fuzzy (it's not the photos, it looks like that), and the display is pretty much useless in sunlight.

    In reality, my Honor band 3, which I got from Amazon for $20 is better and has better software, but despite my complaints and home hacking, I'm happy with the purchase and now I only have to wear one watch on one wrist now.

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    Re: Would you like to see my WENA?

    First, the pics aren’t showing up. Second, are you 14? I mean seriously, the title of the thread is just childish.
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    Re: Would you like to see my WENA?

    I was wondering why the mods have not locked this thread based on the title.......
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    Re: Would you like to see my WENA?

    I mean seriously, the title of the thread is just childish.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nokie View Post
    I was wondering why the mods have not locked this thread based on the title.......
    Seriously? Lighten up! You think the OP is the first person to make a WENA joke? With a name like that, Sony is asking, no beggin' for WENA jokes.

    Don't worry OP, I chuckled at the title and clicked to check it out. Most guys love a good WENA joke. And, no, I'm not 14. I'm in my 50s.

    Move along and stop getting butthurt about everything!
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    Re: Would you like to see my WENA?

    Your WENA is very nice looking, small but appears to be able to do the job. Something else to play with during the day, amirite
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    Re: Would you like to see my WENA?

    I honestly have no interest in anything smart-watch related, but I enjoyed the write-up and seeing how you modified it. So thanks for sharing, I found it interesting.

    On a side note, I probably wouldn’t have clicked had it not been for the title.
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