Wow a night out without the kids!!

Thread: Wow a night out without the kids!!

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    Wow a night out without the kids!!

    Sis in law sat with the kids tonight so Tam and I could go to a curry night at the pub. Had some great food and a few pints So here I am going to this country Cornish pub trying to decide what bloody watch I'm going to wear. Like anyone will notice, lol! One thing I've learned over the years of this watch collecting thing is that you gotta do it for you, because only 1 in a 1000 will ever notice or care.

    So, what did I choose? Went with the RGM I haven't worn in some time.

    It was a gorgeous evening with mist filling the river valley below the pub. When we left, the sky was filled with more stars than I think I've seen in years. People pay good money to go on holiday down here to see what I now get to see on a daily basis. Sometimes life is really good
    Wear what you like.

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    Re: Wow a night out without the kids!!

    That's a very nice watch. I can relate to no one noticing what watch I wear. One of the managers in my office has several very nice watches which he refuses to wear - ever - simply because he doesn't want to appear pretentious. Seems like a waster of such fine watches.

    Life is tough. It's tougher if you're stupid.

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