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    Off Topic post WWW speed problems and browsing WatchUseek...


    Over the last couple of days we've had feed back from our members that WUS is going much more slowly then normal. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

    There have been significant problems with a trans Atlantic circuit of the internet resulting in packet loss. Residents on the US side of the Atlantic have been most effected.

    Packet loss, a common network fault is anticipated and catered for in the protocols that run the WWW. When a packet is lost or damaged, the receiving PC, sends a request for the packet to be retransmitted by the sending site, WUS in this case. This isn't noticed by the user at low fault levels of one or two packets in thousands per second. However the cable concerned is experiencing faults >18% of all traffic which is significant and is being noticed by a portion of our users.

    No doubt there are tech teams working on this but, we who manage this site, can't effect the out come nor speed up the repairs as its happening many levels closer to the long haul backbone of the international phone network of which our traffic is just a drop in the ocean so to speak.

    For your interest I'll link you to a graph of the situation so you can refer to it if think its important to know what is going on.

    You will notice that in some areas of the world there is no problem and in others degradation of the service is current. Our servers are hosted in Europe.

    Network Overview /// Internet Traffic Report

    We trust this will answer some of your questions.

    This notice was posted at the request of WUS Admin, Ernie Romers.
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    Re: WWW speed problems and browsing WatchUseek...

    Thanks for the info, for those who are in Asia like me, European hosting is never the best solution, we usually enjoy much faster speed from the US.

    Anyway a big thank to the tech staff for removing the "onmouseover" feature for attached images, I no longer have a freezing black screen when the mouse cursor unintentionally flies over the thumbnails, I believe the change will benefit both WUS server and users as we can now select the images we want to view one by one.
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