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    Xezo Introduction Thread

    Hey everyone,

    Let me start off by introducing myself; my name is Yev Genin and I am the owner/founder of Xezo.

    We are a manufacturer of luxury goods including Swiss and Japanese made watches, German made pens, and Japanese made sunglasses.

    I started my company in 2001, and since then it has grown exponentially through smart design choices, high quality materials, and affordable pricing.

    I want to use this thread to share some of our current and past designs, to maybe get the community more familiar with our product.

    Past Designs

    Here I want to show a timeline of our watches and how our designs have evolved over the years

    Art-Deco (2002) Name:  Front2002.jpg
Views: 556
Size:  53.5 KB

    Tribune Chronograph (2004/05)Name:  71WvikMUNgL._UX385_.jpg
Views: 553
Size:  34.2 KB
    Tribune 2121 RG (2004/05)Name:  81-9x38UCUL._UX466_.jpg
Views: 543
Size:  29.3 KB
    Tribune Chronograph Day/Night Valjoux 7751 (2004/05) Name:  tribune_chrono_7751.jpg
Views: 543
Size:  132.6 KB
    Architect 2001 BA Tank Swiss-made ETA 2000-1 (2010/11) Name:  architect_2001_ba_angle_10.jpg
Views: 549
Size:  198.1 KB

    Current Product

    These are some of our current offerings that you can find on our website xezo.com, as well as on amazon and overstock.

    Air Commando D45 Swiss ETA-Valjoux 7750 $1500 Name:  9180IjAwvLL._SY606_.jpg
Views: 532
Size:  55.9 KB
    Air Commando D45-G Citizen Miyota 9015 $545Name:  91cXkWsdo6L._SY606_.jpg
Views: 546
Size:  54.7 KB
    Incognito 2024 BG-L Citizen Miyota 9015 $400Name:  81ROackyF7L._UY445_.jpg
Views: 488
Size:  31.6 KB
    Tribune Retro B Citizen Miyota 9015 $295Name:  91oc8XnXARL._SY606_.jpg
Views: 563
Size:  48.0 KB

    I will be posting frequently to gain feedback on what the watch community thinks of our product and how we can improve.
    If anyone has any questions for us feel free to drop a comment in this thread.
    We will be planning a give away in the near future, so please stay tuned for that.
    I look forward to hearing from you all.

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    Re: Xezo Introduction Thread

    A comment on the Tribune Retro B...IMO the hands and typeface don't mix well. Those hands are large, bold, and aggressive; the numbers are casual, a little stylish, and a little whimsical. Something similar to the Air Commando hands would, IMO, make a more coherent statement.
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    Re: Xezo Introduction Thread

    The 'Air Commando' looks interesting.

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    Re: Xezo Introduction Thread

    I like the Incognito and the Tribune Retro B! I have come across Xezo watches several times on ebay and always wondered, is there a story behind the 'unite for: good'?
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    Re: Xezo Introduction Thread

    I'm familiar with Xezo because of their fountain pens. Haven't bought one yet.

    I have a tough time with brands whose selling point is the brand itself, without any pedigree or heritage for the respective products being sold.

    We'll see how the watches pan out.

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    Xezo had some very interesting watches, especially their sterling silver watches. I do like the look of the retro tribune, price is decent too.
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    Re: Xezo Introduction Thread

    Welcome to this merry band of fine folks. I really like the unique bezel and dial numeral fonts. A nice change from the same old, same old.

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    Re: Xezo Introduction Thread

    Still owning a X Tribune pen 500 LE. Quality:so-so, see pics.

    Name:  7DFB42B7-9773-4CD8-BB00-97C9704B2275.jpeg
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Size:  917.7 KB

    Name:  044F41D8-1D7F-46F6-8FA2-B21079504BCF.jpeg
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Size:  1.42 MB

    Hopefully quality increased in the meantime.
    Kind regards

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    Re: Xezo Introduction Thread

    Welcome to the forums!
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    Re: Xezo Introduction Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by JOPAGOVNAED View Post
    Tribune Retro B Citizen Miyota 9015 $295Name:  91oc8XnXARL._SY606_.jpg
Views: 563
Size:  48.0 KB
    You are certainly not the only watch company to do it, but I have to ask...
    Why in god's green earth would you punch out the majority of the '6' instead of just omitting it?

    Serious question, is there anyone who thinks it looks better this way?

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