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    Off Topic post Yawn

    YAWN - Yet Another Watch noob OMG OMG OMG

    Hello, I just want share a few thoughts ok?

    I am from Sweden and raised by Finnish parents, 34 years old and about 2 months ago I got very interested in the mechanics of a watch. I have like 1000 interests and now I found one more. However this is so far the best I found yet for my own well-being. I am kinda hyperactive person, works very fast and gets stuff done but yet good. I am also very accurate most of the time. I am almost a machine engineer although stuff happened in my life so I will not get any degree any time soon, maybe in the next two years or so depending on time. I work as an testing engineer and I have also been into programming.

    So what happened?
    Well as soon as I sat down with these tiny pieces my whole body kinda knew I need to be calm and I entered a whole new world both mentally and physically. I just got very calm and focused which I usually never am(calm that is but focus can also wonder away). I felt so relaxed and good. So far I dissembled 2 watches and manage to fix them. Although the first one probably got some damage from me because it runs like 5 minutes slow every day. LOL
    I just love the mechanics :-D

    I've been reading in extreme amounts of knowledge from the internet and a few books I gathered. I am kinda a quick learner and it helps cause there's a whole lot to learn.

    I also got thinking, since I like to create stuff and tend to think a lot, why not try to make an own design?
    My mind is spinning hard and I already have some creative ideas. Some more crazy then others.

    I do not know where I should or will start but I have at least gathered most of the good tools I need and made a few, I also made my own table top but I need to do it again. The magnifying glass I have is not very good so that needs to be replaced by something else. I also started working on a dial and a case.
    I will probably start a project thread in the near future where I will share my ideas and progress.

    Well, just wanted to share a bit about me.
    I am usually not the person that ask a lot but if I do, I will be very happy about every input I get, good or bad. Some of my questions might be "stupid" but is there really stupid questions, how else can one learn :-D

    Thank you everyone for all the super stuff you put into these forums. AWESOME

    Cheers /Janne

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    Re: Yawn

    Welcome to the forum, Janne! I hope you stick around.

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    Re: Yawn

    With your high energy and love of engineering, I'm sure you've found the right interest!

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    Re: Yawn

    Welcome to the forum! Looks like you are on the path to WISdom, taking apart and putting together watches is a great start. There are some very knowledgeable people in here (including some watchmakers), and you can definitely learn a lot hanging around the Vintage and Watchmaking sub-forums. Perhaps, we'll get to see watches with your design DNA real soon
    A few of this and some of the other ...

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    Re: Yawn

    WOW, thank you, what a welcoming.

    Yep, maybe I finally found what I wanna do, cannot explain the feeling and somehow everything else is more fun also, even car repair. Since I've been kinda poor most of my life I kinda had to learn how to build stuff and fix stuff, might come in handy these days :-P

    And yes, perhaps my design DNA will sparkle. Worst case scenario is I will end up with a watch of some kind :-D
    Although I am not in a hurry, it will take the time it will take.

    Thanks for the tip about Vintage and Watchmaking sub-forums, I have been there already quite a bit but now I will read til my eyes bleed. :-D

    The inspiration here is outstanding, now off to sleep a bit. Cya

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