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Thread: Yet another help me decide thread

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    Yet another help me decide thread

    Sparing any unneccesary details I believe I have my next purchase fairly narrowed down to two watching, unless something pops up in this thread that makes me add a 3rd or 4th to the list which is highly possible.

    I am debating between the Seiko SKX007k:

    Name:  623735d1328923164-skx007k-seaurchin-img-skx007k1-2.jpg
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    and the Casio G-Shock Rescue GW7900B-1 which I would pair with a slide on compass:
    Name:  New-Stealthy-Black-GW-7900B-1JF-GShock-Spotted-Casio-Mens-Watch.jpg
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    The 7900 has been on my list for a while because I have wanted a military looking watch aesthetically speaking and this fit the bill... all black with the negative display for a stealthy look, the moon and tide phases add to it and with a compass on the strap would complete the look. That and I love my current G-Shock and the ability to beat the crap out of it.

    That said I wasnt fully sold and have heard of issues with the four bolts/screws coming out. I poured through some other threads and made one looking for opinions on other watches to fit my military looking needs which is where the Seiko came in. Being a true dive watch and a staple in many collections with the timeless look it makes sense, however here I am worried about durability partially because I have never owned a Seiko and also because compared to a G-Shock it is hard to match up in this department.

    So, keeping in mind my budget of $150-ish out the door these two look to be the best options on the market and with that which would you recommend? Or, based on what I said I am looking for, what would you recommend I look at?

    For those basing their input on which would help round out my collection here is what I've got so far:
    Name:  IMG_20120210_223003.jpg
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    ps. I am writing this one handed while bouncing my 1 month old to sleep (or attempting to) so please forgive any typos.
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    Re: Yet another help me decide thread

    If you are just going for a military look, I'd go with the Seiko. Partly because I can't seem to get into the G-Shock as a fashion statement. Now, if you are looking for the watch that is going to be more tactical, G-Shock it is...less opportunity for crystal glare and case shine. A wrist rocket should fit on either watch, and you could do a NATO strap change on that Seiko and add the wrist rocket. That would complete the military look. Good Luck!

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    Re: Yet another help me decide thread

    Go with the Seiko- you already have a G Shock!
    Regards Cam

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    Re: Yet another help me decide thread

    Hard to go wrong with the Seiko

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    Re: Yet another help me decide thread

    Quote Originally Posted by por44 View Post
    Hard to go wrong with the Seiko

    It is a diver that can compete with any. And it has very good lume.

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    Re: Yet another help me decide thread

    I wouldn't worry about the screws coming out of the Casio or the Seiko not being durable.

    If you're primarily looking for a mostly black, sporty watch, either one works. Which would you get the most use out of? Digital, quartz, multi-function with a plastic strap or a plainer, classic automatic that could be put on a bracelet or an assortment of Natos? This, of course, depends on your lifestyle, activities, and wardrobe and what not.

    I'd go with the Seiko and get some colorful Natos for it and flash my bling everywhere!

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    Re: Yet another help me decide thread

    Quote Originally Posted by camb66 View Post
    Go with the Seiko- you already have a G Shock!

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    Re: Yet another help me decide thread

    seiko would be my can change straps to alter the look and it would fit into your collection better than another g shock.imho

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    I think it's hard to go wrong with either. I have a SKX009, and a red and black G Rescue.
    I would swap out the bracelet/strap on both. The Seiko can go on leather or an aftermarket bracelet an the G can go on a Zulu with the adapters.
    The Seiko is more versatile for an everyday watch, while the G is great for more casual, rugged days.
    Good luck with your choice.

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    Re: Yet another help me decide thread

    The question should not be which one to GET, but rather, which one to get FIRST.
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