Your countries biggest selling brand
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Thread: Your countries biggest selling brand

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    Your countries biggest selling brand

    I live in the UK, and have wondered for a while what the biggest selling watch brand is. My suspicions were that it was either Sekonda, Armani, or Rotary. I did a little research, and for the last 29 years it has been Sekonda. Strangely enough I do not own a Sekonda, and have never wished to either, but not for any specific reason. I then decided to research what the biggest selling brand in the US is, and it differs. It turns out that Citizen are the biggest by volume selling watch in the US. In my humble opinion, a better watch than Sekonda. That said, you pay a lot less for your watches than we do, so that may be a major factor.

    So, for those of you living in another country, what is the biggest selling brand by volume ?
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    Re: Your countries biggest selling brand

    I live in Indonesia,probably the biggest selling brand will be either something Japanese like Seiko-Citizen-Casio-Orient or local brand like Alexander Christie

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    Re: Your countries biggest selling brand

    Here in Czech we have our watch brand Prim, i think every czech watchfan had sometime Prim watch. It was my first manual wind watch when i was 15 years old. There was the start of my watchaddict.
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    Re: Your countries biggest selling brand

    India has its own brand Titan (which owns Favre Leuba along with some other sub brands and swiss brands i guess). Timex is at a distant second.

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    Re: Your countries biggest selling brand

    The best selling watch brand in the USA in number of units is probably Casio or Apple.

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    Re: Your countries biggest selling brand

    Timex, used to be the US of A brand.

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    According to a Chrono24 survey, the most popular brand in Switzerland is Rolex, followed by Omega and Seiko in 3rd place. Though that probably better reflects the WIS market here. I'm going to guess that in terms of individual watches sold it's either Swatch watches or DW watches.

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    Re: Your countries biggest selling brand

    I'm not even sure how to look it up, but I have a bad feeling it's Michael Kors
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    Re: Your countries biggest selling brand

    In Vietnam

    ==> DW is def most selling here, many people think it is style + fashion

    for actual "watch brand"

    Rolex - Omega - longines has a long history here since when the American came !

    Btw, Japanese watch like Seiko,Casio, Citizen... is sell quite good in lower budget

    For lower Swiss will be TISSOT I think !

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    Re: Your countries biggest selling brand

    What’s for sale makes a big difference too. Just view the not so vast selection of auto Seiko’s on sale in the U.K. and you’ll see what I mean.

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