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    Your favourite crown design...!

    Hello ...... only my second post, so I will introduce myself. Long time interest in watches, lurker for a month or two, and in the market for a new purchase later this year.

    I have a modest collection ....... each one took an age of contemplation and procrastination .... but hey thats half he fun!

    I will be looking for a pilots/navigators watch, and possibly a GMT/UTC piece during the year.

    The reason for this post (apart from introducing myself) is as follows:

    After the dial , one of the second aspects of a watch I look at is Crown .... I really like the larger onion and pilots crowns, but don't know the common names of all of them. Seems strange I know, but the little thing count hey?

    I was hoping you guys could post pictures of your favourite crown designs along with the name of the watch, and the common name of the type of crown in the picture ... if there is one.

    Thanks in advance .... great place you have here!

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    Re: Your favourite crown design...!

    I like the crown of the IWC Mark IX but I also like the crown of the Archimede PO.

    Pic (c) by guy

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    Re: Your favourite crown design...!

    Well not in as rarefied atmosphere as some you own but this Invicta S1 Concept 2284 has one of the neatest crowns of those i have. It may be gold as is the internal bezel, but the scalloping and the insignia are just classy.


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    Re: Your favourite crown design...!

    Stephen- You have a thing for watch crowns? Wow- that's almost, like, watch-kink!



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    Re: Your favourite crown design...!

    Quote Originally Posted by meta4ick View Post
    Stephen- You have a thing for watch crowns? Wow- that's almost, like, watch-kink!


    Post your pictures with no straps...between the lugs shots.

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