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    Question Your First Watch...

    Does anyone have a story regarding buying your first luxury watch?

    - what peaked your interest in watches in the first place?
    - was their any particular reason for picking the watch you did for your first luxury watch?

    I'd love to hear your feedback as I myself am starting to think about my own first luxury watch purchase...

    Happy Friday everyone!

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    Re: Your First Watch...

    Hello OP!

    My first watch was my Breitling. I actually initially bought it because I got an amazing deal and thought I would flip it. At the time I really didnt know much about watches or have to much interest in them. Once it was in my possession though I could not let it go. I work in a field where everyone gets a little flashy so it complimented my work well.

    Fast forward a couple years and I inherited several watches from my Grandfather, this really catapulted me into watches. Ever since I have been hooked!
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    Re: Your First Watch...

    I wanted a watch to remind me of my very first watch ever but I wanted something special.
    I spend a fair bit of time stuck in traffic and I wanted something to look at while I was stuck.
    I'm a huge fan of the bauhaus and the Deutscher Werkbund movement.
    “If we could be satisfied with anything, we should have been satisfied long ago.”
    ― Seneca

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    Re: Your First Watch...

    The first luxury watch I bought was a two tone Rolex Datejust, and the experience was sublime. I received the royalty treatment despite buying it at a discount. I was served champagne and gifted some nice Rolex paraphernalia along with my purchase. It was an unforgettable experience which solidified the relationship with my AD.

    I regularly receive invitations to special watch events organized by them.
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    Re: Your First Watch...

    Not luxury and also was a gift. Seiko with lume. I was 12 and still have the watch. Used to go hide in the blanket just to watch it glow.

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    Re: Your First Watch...

    I got an early start in watches when I was 14 years old. My first luxury watch purchase was triggered by becoming friends with one member of the Benoit family (Rolex representatives for Latin America) that was in my highschool class (back in the early 80s). He educated me a lot about watches and I got the bug. He sold me a used Explorer II for $700 (friends price) which I kept for all my years in highschool. When I graduated, I traded the watch with him for a two tone used GMT Master. That watch among others was stolen during a break in in my house 25 years ago. I didn't buy another high priced watch until this year when I finally got over the huge loss I took.
    Today I prefer to keep a very small collection of 3 to 4 watches. I have been upgrading gradually and plan to continue to do so over time. I hope I can reach 3 high end watches and stay there: 1 dress (AL&S), 1 daily (PP Nautilius in SS), 1 sports (VC Overseas Chrono) and one beater el cheapo.


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    Re: Your First Watch...

    I always liked watches, ever since I was a little kid.

    My 1st automatic (Oris Williams F1) was a Christmas present from my wife.......little did she know the pandoras box she opened with that gift, lol
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    Re: Your First Watch...

    At the time the watch below was my idea of a luxury watch - I was 11. I still have this watch and it runs fine, here's a pic before I installed a new battery:

    Name:  image.jpg
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    Always been into watches, had a few hand me downs and some vintage ones I picked up along the way - an old JLC and Seamaster but never bought anything I loved; I couldn't justify the outlay.

    I came close to buying a Tag Carerra for years but ultimately decided against it. Price aside, my heart was always after a first issue Carrera (i.e. from 633/64).

    That all kinda died until three years ago a friend of mine bought an LV Sub which raised my interest in watches again and decided ' it. I've wanted something high end for an eternity let's look properly'.

    By this stage I had moved away from chronos and also realised the pit falls of Vintage. JLC was another brand I loved so after a lot of research bought this:

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    Re: Your First Watch...

    What got me into watches was that I didn't want to keep having to take my phone out.

    What got me into luxury watches was this forum.... It sure is a double edge sword

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    Re: Your First Watch...

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    First watch was a Timex when i was about 10/11yo.
    First luxury watch was a pressie to myself for my 25th wedding anniversary.
    Always loved watches.

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