Your most comfortable watch you have??
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Thread: Your most comfortable watch you have??

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    Your most comfortable watch you have??

    Just received a Jenny Caribbean 300 from a great seller, Beitau. When I put it on I was instantly surprised at how comfortable it was. Hadn't really noticed the comfort levels on any of my watches but this one instantly shouted "I am bloody comfortable watch" at me.

    I don't normally go for rubber straps but the one that comes with the jenny is so soft and wearable, I am genuinely surprised.

    It got me thinking about other comfortable watches and this one hands down beats everything I have had on my wrist. I have a couple on a bund strap and they are nice but the fit of the watch and softness of the rubber on this really made me sit up and notice.

    What are your most comfortable watches?

    A couple of pics

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    Off Topic post Re: Your most comfortable watch you have??

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    My most comfortable watch would be the Casio GW-5000. Because of its stainless steel construction, it has some heft, but the uncharacteristically soft and flexible resin band makes this watch easy to wear all day long.

    In close second, I find that the Sinn 556i on bracelet fits perfectly on my 6.5" wrists. The bracelet feels sturdy but not heavy, an ideal balance.

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    Based on my preferences, I generally find watches on the smaller side to be more comfortable than, say, my larger watches. I love wearing my Seiko Tuna, but at the end of the day, I find myself strapping on something smaller.
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    Re: Your most comfortable watch you have??

    By far:

    TAG Heuer Link

    The bracelet is awesome. Satin finish, no pulling hairs, very smooth and comfortable to wear.
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    Re: Your most comfortable watch you have??

    Most comfortable is easily the c-case Connie. Genta knows how to design a bracelet. It's also only 36mm, great size.
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    Next one would be the Maxi marine diver. Its larger and heavier at 43mm, but the rubber strap with the titanium links is really nice.
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    Re: Your most comfortable watch you have??

    This is barely noticeable on my wrist.

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    Re: Your most comfortable watch you have??

    My most comfortable watch is probably my Oris Diver Date. You'll have to excuse the daisy in the watch - it just goes to show that the photo is more than a couple of months old.

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    Re: Your most comfortable watch you have??

    My most comfortable sports watch
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    Re: Your most comfortable watch you have??

    I've almost worn this one to bed a couple of times and it has never plucked my hairy arm.....

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    Re: Your most comfortable watch you have??

    Well,I spent too much time travelling this year,and I have to admit my most comfortable watch is either Pam 177 or Seiko SBDX011 (yup it's thick,but I've gotten used to it..)

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    Re: Your most comfortable watch you have??

    Name:  JLC Polaris on mesh.JPG
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    Any of my watches on mesh.
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