Your watches history
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Thread: Your watches history

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    Your watches history

    Hi guys.. im relatively new to the site and new to collecting watches. I have this timex ironman. Was a gift from my gf for my birthday. This is my work watch. I am an advanced paramedic and wear this watch for every shift. Its my least expensive watch but love it caus its what I wear most. Fun fact about it is that it has personally called 3 time of deaths (so far). Anyone else have a special bond with a watch? Cheap or expensive

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    Re: Your watches history

    Quote Originally Posted by NoShockAdvised View Post
    Fun fact about it is that it has personally called 3 time of deaths (so far).
    Hopefully no more "fun" for you then.
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    Re: Your watches history

    Not fun. But part of life. And unfortunately part of the job

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    Re: Your watches history

    You going to put notches on it?

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    Re: Your watches history

    Welcome! The watches in my collection are generally purchased in conjunction with a significant achievement. None them see the kind of things you do, I'm sure. The first watch I was ever gifted is a Timex Iron man and wore it for all outdoor activities up through high school.

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    Re: Your watches history

    The watch I have a special bond with is one i purchased last year, my Timex "21 series" and here is why:
    1. The first watch I ever owned was a Timex
    2. This watch was made in 1968 (the year I was born)
    3. It is a manual wind (I like winding it every morning)
    And yes it is running
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    Re: Your watches history

    My first watch was a Timex too, not sure where it is now. I believe it is somewhere in my parents' house. I have an Ironman now that stays in my gym bag for exercise, tennis, basketball and soccer days.

    This little Eco-Drive was the first decent watch I ever purchased for myself. I bought it with some of the relocation money I received from my current employer about 7 years ago. I still wear it regularly, and it works great.

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    Re: Your watches history

    Very cool. The thread grabbed my attention as I have been part of the AED (and defibs in general) industry for 20+ years. Props to the paramedics.

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