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    Youtube- watch videos

    In the off-chance that WUS members have not been exposed to youtube: , it is a great place to see watches in action.

    I was interested in mechanical alarm watches, and I found the videos of Armbandwecker on youtube to be a wonderful resource. He has an extensive collection of mechanical alarm watches which he videos and I had the pleasure of getting some recommendations for my first mechanical alarm from him. Here is one Vulcain video of his:

    And here is a page with all of his videos on:

    Also here is an animation of the vulcain V10 movement:

    I posted this in a thread, but thought a topic might be more appropriate.

    Do any other WUS members have favorite videos on youtube?

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    Re: Youtube- watch videos

    yes. I download them using realplayer, also I post some of mine on youtube. a great place to view watches.

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    Exclamation Re: Youtube- watch videos

    That has to be the most satisfying video I've ever seen.


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