Zenith Chronmaster 1969 vs Omega Aqua Terra GMT Chrono
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Thread: Zenith Chronmaster 1969 vs Omega Aqua Terra GMT Chrono

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    Zenith Chronmaster 1969 vs Omega Aqua Terra GMT Chrono

    Hi everyone,

    My first post here, so please don't mind potential mistakes.
    As title is suggesting I'm considering the new purchase and I'm quite undecided between the two and would really appreciate to hear/read your view and thoughts.As a background I currently own Panerai (PAM176) and would want a bit dressier chrono to add to the collection.

    I would start with sharing my view. Both seem as quite versatile pieces i.e. could be worn in less formal occasions. As movement is concerned, I perhaps would give small advantage to Zenith due to the heritage, but still Omega movement is very nice one.
    On the other I would give Omega a slight advantage in terms of build quality, both case and strap/clasp, but that might be purely subjective impression. On the wrist, Omega feels much chunkier and heavier (not that my wrist cannot handle it), while Zenith is definitely a bit more elegant wear. Finally, I would appreciate to see how you value to brands; I personally like both, though Zenith seems to bring a bit more exclusivity i.e. not being as common as Omega.

    Looking forward to any feedback…
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    Re: Zenith Chronmaster 1969 vs Omega Aqua Terra GMT Chrono

    That Zenith is a beautiful, but a very busy dial. If needed for very formal events, I would go Omega personally, but if not always being in a super formal environment I would purchase that Zenith. Simply, for me, it would be the Zenith.

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    Re: Zenith Chronmaster 1969 vs Omega Aqua Terra GMT Chrono

    Not a fan of open dials, so...

    Cheers, M

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    Re: Zenith Chronmaster 1969 vs Omega Aqua Terra GMT Chrono

    The zenith for me, I love it.

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    Re: Zenith Chronmaster 1969 vs Omega Aqua Terra GMT Chrono

    If you value reliability and accuracy go Omega and don't look back.
    Additionally, this AT model has much more usable chronograph, GMT and the date. And all this in seriously beautiful water resistant case.
    I owned El Primero-based watch (sold) and still have 9300-based Omega. So I know what I'm taking about.

    Thank me later :)
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    Re: Zenith Chronmaster 1969 vs Omega Aqua Terra GMT Chrono

    Between the two you are considering, I far prefer the Omega. Not sure how versatile a blue strap is, but the blue dial will work with just about any wardrobe. I like the tapestry dial, love the chronograph counter in one sub-dial, and while I have no use for a GMT function it is well integrated on this Omega. Top it off with the date at six, the Omega is a well-balanced design.
    I am a huge fan of Zenith. I personally chose Zenith over Omega, but that was between two different models than what you show (I chose a Stratos Rainbow Flyback over a '57 Co-Axial). The Zenith you prefer does not suit me personally. I do not like cut-away dials, and the hour register overlap on the minutes register frustrates me. While I can live without a date indicator, it is nice to have. I also appreciate an eclectic arrangement on some dials (see Patek Philippe 5712), but do not prefer it here.

    The Omega seems better suited for daily wear than the Zenith, only because the Zenith seems more formal and the Omega more casual. I think the Omega can dress up better than the Zenith can dress down.

    My opinions are only that. Please choose the one that makes you happiest, and good luck with your decision!

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    Re: Zenith Chronmaster 1969 vs Omega Aqua Terra GMT Chrono

    Quote Originally Posted by Fantasio View Post
    Not a fan of open dials, so...

    I vote for this one as well just based on design and versatility alone.

    If you must get the Omega, may I suggest going for a white or black dial. Blue wouldn't be as versatile.
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    Re: Zenith Chronmaster 1969 vs Omega Aqua Terra GMT Chrono

    For me Zenith striking 10th > Zenith 36kvph > Zenith Chronomaster open dial) > Omega.
    Not a fan of open heart movements, although this Zenith does have a pretty one. Omega is just very thick and chunky w 9605 movements. I would think that Panerai already covers sporty\big watch category. Tricolor El Primero is just pure unadulterated fun.
    PS. I'm biased as an owner of Zenith EP 1969 (although I also have Omega, just not current coaxial model)
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    Re: Zenith Chronmaster 1969 vs Omega Aqua Terra GMT Chrono

    Both of the movements are iconic -- granted, for different reasons but you can't go wrong with either the El Primero or 9300 Co-Axial. That said I'd vote for the latter in this case, strictly on aesthetics and functionality. The flat pushers on the Omega are less obtrusive, the GMT complication is handy, and the dial much cleaner since it doesn't have the busy open-face feature that the Zenith has. Now if the choice had been between the AT and this version of the El Primero, that's another story:

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    Re: Zenith Chronmaster 1969 vs Omega Aqua Terra GMT Chrono

    Neither of those models really float my boat, but I would pick the Omega for the sake of it. Open dials are a red flag for me.

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