Zulu/Nato Strap or Mesh/Beads of Rice Bracelet

Poll: Zulu/Nato Strap or Mesh/Beads of Rice Bracelet?

Thread: Zulu/Nato Strap or Mesh/Beads of Rice Bracelet

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    Zulu/Nato Strap or Mesh/Beads of Rice Bracelet

    Hello, I have a Victorinox Swiss Army Maverick II Alarm in blue that I want to experiment, play a little with different style. If you were me, would you put the watch on a Zulu/Nato strap or you think it is cooler to put it on a Mesh/Beads of Rice Bracelet? If you have watches that you have customized on Zulu strap or Mesh Bracelet, picture to share is most welcome. Thanks.

    Maverick II Alarm looks like this:

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    Re: Zulu/Nato Strap or Mesh/Beads of Rice Bracelet

    i'd personally put it on a nato/zulu so you can take advantage of the blue accents...using this on a steel bracelet (of any type) would make it look ordinary imho.

    But still keep a metal bracelet on standby for more formal events, but for everyday use, i'd go with a nice colored/striped nato or zulu.

    I am neutral on where you get it from, but just to show you the latest zulu colors, check this out:


    good luck! post back with photos on whatever you decide on :)

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