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Thread: 2 New Unannounced models!

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    Re: 2 New Unannounced models!

    Where is the OMEGA ceramic bracelet watch!!!!!!!! That is what I am waiting to go broke for. Preferably on a reasonably thick diver.
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    Re: 2 New Unannounced models!

    Quote Originally Posted by solesman View Post
    I was wondering that too, but the numerals are a different colour. Possibly the lighting?
    Could be the lighting, could be OP was a troll, we will never know.

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    Re: 2 New Unannounced models!

    Quote Originally Posted by Quartersawn View Post

    Omega needs to make an all stainless steel Speedy Pro Panda or reverse Panda and be done with it. No limited numbers, no moon landing date on the dial, no gimmicky bezel, no $1000 premium for a dial and hand set change. Make a good looking watch that all OBs and ADs can order; make enough of them so that everyone that wants one can buy one. Make it for an many years as there is demand.

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    This is exactly what I want in a speedy. Hopefully Omega will come to their senses.
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