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    I apologize if this has been discussed. I am having touble really nailing down the differences between the latest Wave SMP and the I was in the market for the latest version and really needed a month or 2 to make it happen but after finding this version, I think im ready to pull the trigger. What are the brain trust's thoughts on these 2? I do like the non wave version dial more TBH.

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    Re: vs. latest

    I would go to a local AD and try these out if you can so you have them side by side. Im for the new wave dial.

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    Re: vs. latest

    The new SMP is larger, has an adjustable bracelet, has a ceramic dial, and uses the 8800 movement which is light-years ahead of the 2500 movement as found in the previous generation SMP.

    The use of the 8800 makes the new SMP a much better watch than the previous SMP.
    If the size is ok with you and you are fine with the wave dial, the choice between the two SMPs isn't even close.
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    Doesn't the old one have a ceramic dial?

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    I have owned three models and currently own two. One in black that I bought in 2012 and one in blue that I bought this year. I have found them to be accurate, reliable and comfortable. I have had zero issues with them.

    The new SMPM is a fantastic watch. I have tried it on several times. It does wear a bit bigger than the SMPC. The bracelet links are much sharper. The clasp has a glide lock system. The helium escape valve is bigger. The date moves from 3 to the 6 position. Wave dial. It has a display back. The watch costs more. I think it starts ar 4 + K.

    I don't like the increased size of the helium escape valve or the display back.

    The SMPM is still on my list. I think that Omega / Swatch Group make excellent products. I am waiting to see what Omega will release tomorrow. A no date SMPM is SS Would be cool.
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    Re: vs. latest

    Definitely check them both out in person. To me, the new model looks better in person than photos but overall I still prefer the aesthetics of the prior model.

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    Re: vs. latest

    I've owned the, or SMPc as it's called, since 2013 and I tried the new SMP when it first came out. Yes, the new one has a newer movement which is METAS certified but I just didn't like the aesthetics of the new design. To me, the new one has sharper lines on the bracelet and case versus the softer, more rounded lines of the outgoing SMPc. The new one has more prominent and contrasting white markings on the bezel versus the softer, more blended color they used on the SMPc. Overall, the new one just looks more "in your face" than the more subdued style of the old. I also don't like the new helium escape valve which has been discussed to death, or the fact that the hour hand isn't straight anymore. That last bit is something not too many talk about but I love how the older ones have the straight skeleton hour hand and the angled skeleton minute hand. These are just my two cents.

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    Re: vs. latest

    Plus many find a way to try both watches on together. I have an older SMPc Bond LE and love it. However, I also really like the new design and having recently been in an Omega boutique they do look better in person. Name:  FE76545B-3B95-44D7-944E-A0E026F808C9.jpeg
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