Alligator strap for aqua Terra 39

Thread: Alligator strap for aqua Terra 39

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    Alligator strap for aqua Terra 39

    Hi folks,
    I'd like to get the Omega dark blue alligator strap for my skyfall at.

    Like the strap on this tm_campaign=googleproductsearch?flash_50_off&pt_so urce=googleads&pt_medium=cpc&pt_campaign=(ROI)+Sho pping+-+Sale+Watches+$3000+-+6000&gclid=CjwKEAjwlujnBRDl2teOp_veulQSJAC5bHgtqv OkTDkV2e12so2jZQUVL47wCcmLcLZ-i1XZzCN5yBoCUNDw_wcB

    Anyone know the strap number and best place to sort? Anywhere I can order online?are there alternative to OEM in same color at 19mm to fit 18mm buckle?


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    Alligator strap for aqua Terra 39

    The OEM straps on 19mm are harder to find, but most 20mm bands will fit 19mm lugs.

    An option for a blue leather band could be the one used on the Seamaster Olympic series, which is 20/16 with a buckle. I sourced one for my Bond GMT (20mm lugs) and very happy with its look, probably should look nice on the Skyfall AT:

    Omega reference number is CUZ010011

    The other one that would recommend is the one used on the Speedmaster CK2998, which is 19mm with a buckle. reference number on that one is CUZ005110 (below, pictures from the web)

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