Aqua Terra or not?

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    Aqua Terra or not?

    Almost all of my collection are big watches, 44-45mm, mainly divers. The smallest I have is Seamaster GMT which is 35mm. The reason for this is I have big wrists (20cm). And then I started to look for something more dressy, thinner watch which can couple nice with a shirt and stay under it.

    I was looking at Aqua Terra with bracelet but my AD doesn't have bracelet version on stock. What he has is leather and bracelet. I'm not good with either but may considering rubber to add bracelet later if needed. So I'm looking at

    My concern is how a 41mm case would it look on my 20cm wrist and what other options out there? I didn't like Railmaster at all. Also looked at Seamaster 300 which is also 41mm but am not sure how these two compare. Obviously I can try it on visiting AD but since I'm used to big watches on my wrist it automatically looks too small. It normally takes about a week to get used to a smaller watch.

    Most difficult question I will have to answer myself is do I really need it which I hope your comments and suggestions will help doing.


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    Re: Aqua Terra or not?

    I have a 7.25 inch wrist here is a AT previous gen

    Amazing watch no regrets
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    Re: Aqua Terra or not?

    A 41mm watch would look great on a 20cm wrist IMO.

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    Re: Aqua Terra or not?

    Should look fine. I have similar wrists and love my 43mm Aqua Terras. The Annual Calendars are 43mm and so is the GMT.

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    Re: Aqua Terra or not?

    The 41 AT is a great watch for your purposes. Like you, I prefer larger watches although not quite as large as 44/45mm. I bought my AT 41 for the very same reason you're looking at as its a great sport watch that is fine for smarter occasions. If you like the rubber strap (which is fantastic by the way) buy the watch on rubber and order the bracelet as it works out cheaper than buying the usual way ie on bracelet. That rubber strap is crazy money. You should get a fairly good discount on a bracelet if you buy it at the same time as the watch. Best of luck deciding which colour to get. There are some great combos in the AT range

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    Re: Aqua Terra or not?

    I have an 8 inch flat wrist. Here’s my 39mm watch - you’d be totally fine. Watches with lots of dial and no bezels wear larger.

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    Re: Aqua Terra or not?

    Definitely get the aqua terra. Probably the most versatile watch Omega makes. Like the Rolex Explorer without the price tag.

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    Re: Aqua Terra or not?

    Great GADA watch. Thinking of it myself. I have skinny wrists so would likely go for a 36mm one

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