Early 3521 Triple Date?

Thread: Early 3521 Triple Date?

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    Early 3521 Triple Date?

    Hi, I'm a newbie, though I've owned several Omegas over the past 20 years or so. Currently I have two, a 3570.50 and a 3521.30. I love them both, I just got the triple date today for my daily wear, so although I'm nuts about the moonwatch, I'm not a purist and have a big respect for the 7750 and its variants.

    Re the Triple Date series - my understanding is that my watch is a 3521, and that with the 3523 in 1996 the plain steel bezel changed to an insert. But all the photos I can find on the 3521 show the seahorse back, whereas mine is more plain. Also, I measure mine to be 39mm across, and I thought the early ones were 38mm. Can anyone help me date this piece, please? Thanks, Phil.

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    Re: Early 3521 Triple Date?

    Nice watch! I don't know enough about the timelines of these watches to help you. I am also curious though.

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    Re: Early 3521 Triple Date?

    Have you seen this page? Omega Serial Numbers By Year... It places my 53xxxxxx in 1991, which all other info leads me to believe is correct. The linked page there has other info on dating Omegas, as well.

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    Re: Early 3521 Triple Date?

    I don't the answer to your question, but that's a pretty cool watch.

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