Favorite omega model?
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Thread: Favorite omega model?

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    Favorite omega model?


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    Re: Favorite omega model?

    Speedmaster Professional. The older Pie Pan Constellations are beautiful watches as well. Current models are cool (I like the 38.5mm AT) but I think they need to slow down with the eleventy-seven different versions of all their models. IMO, it dilutes the brand a bit.
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    Re: Favorite omega model?

    Quote Originally Posted by rfortson View Post
    ...... I think they need to slow down with the eleventy-seven different versions of all their models. IMO, it dilutes the brand a bit.
    Couldn’t agree more with this.

    I’m a fan of the late 60’s Seamaster 300 and the Chronostop range.

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    It would have to be the Speedmaster Professional (Moonwatch)...hands down.

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    The Speedmaster was a grail of mine for 25 years. I first lusted after it as a kid. I would go to the mall with my parents and stare at it through the display window of the jewelry store.

    I loved it's looks, it's origins in auto racing, and eventually it's connection with NASA and it's many trips into space.

    At the age of 20 I decided that one day I would have one, but financially it was way beyond me at that time.

    After years of scrimping and saving, at the age of 45, I had finally saved up enough money to buy my Speedmaster.

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    Now, after about 5 years of guardianship, the love affair is still very much alive. I still find myself mezmorized by its beauty. It will be with me until the day I die, and then it will get passed on to one of my nieces.

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    Citizen Navihawk
    Momentum Supernova, Titan II, Aquamatic II (Blue Dial)
    OMEGA Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch (ref 310., Seamaster 300 Master Co-Axial Chronometer (ref
    Seiko SKX007 (Gone--gifted to my uncle)
    Steinhart Marine Chronometer II Roman (Unitas 6498), Nav. B-Chrono II DLC (ETA Valjoux 7750), Nav. B-Uhr II (Unitas 6497), Ocean One Vintage (ETA 2824-2) SOLD, Ocean One Vintage Red (ETA 2824-2) SOLD

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    Re: Favorite omega model?

    What a great story René!

    Speedy for me too. CK2998, Moonwatch, ST1 and Tintin being some of my favs. Don’t own any of them unfortunately
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    Re: Favorite omega model?

    My 1956 Seamaster and 1957 Constellation are not going anywhere, but most days I wear a PO8900.
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    Re: Favorite omega model?

    I love my Speedy 145.022 from the early 80's, but this Seamaster Swiss Boutique LE with gradient fumé dial is super cool if you like the Mad Men style.

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    Re: Favorite omega model?

    Not even a question for me. 80's Baby, grew up with Goldeneye on N64 and the movie...yeah Omega SMP 300 Diver all the way

    The latest from Q Branch.

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    Re: Favorite omega model?

    Uncle Renee? Hey it’s your long lost niece Michelle... Just kidding, My Speedy Pro is my fav, with my 2254.50 a close runner up!
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    Re: Favorite omega model?

    Cal 1120 sword hands diver. In my case the 2255.80 "Electric Blue". I also have a soft spot for the Dynamic III and the Titane Chronograph. Then again, I tend to like the less mainstream models. Speedies (apart from the roulette dial auto) don't appeal to me.
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