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    I just wanted to share with you guys a very positive experience that I had with the service of my Omega SMP 2254. I used Haris Durakovic at Fine Swiss Watch Service The price was right and the service was great. Here is a quick synopsis of how it went:

    I contacted Haris to ask him a few questions about my watch and the service that would be done. He was very nice and professional and assured me that my watch would be serviced properly per Omega's high standards and that it would take 4-6 weeks. I then emailed him with what I wanted done, he then emailed me the form. The form is also available on the website, didn't see it initially. I then filled out the form and shipped my watch. Once the watch was received he emailed me with pictures of my watch and an estimate that I agreed to. The cost was $275 dollars. 4 weeks later he contacted me telling me that watch was ready and I made my payment over the phone. The watch showed up a few days later in a very nice red Omega travel box with zipper...kind of looked like an eye glass box if you ask me The watch looks great very close to new with the band and body of watch buffed out and properly finished and runs like a champ. It's held time within 3 seconds + or - depending how I lay it on my night stand for almost 4 weeks now. I def. recommend using him as it was fast and easy and very fairly priced.
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    Re: Fine Swiss Watch Service

    I know this is a resurrection of a fairly dead thread, but I've just (in the past few weeks) dropped off one of my babies (a 2531.80; pictures when it returns) at Fine Swiss Watch Service with Haris for a factory service and replacement of the crystal and bezel (somehow I managed to dent/chip the bezel and chip the crystal).

    As it turns out, his workshop is only about one mile from my house so I was able to personally drop my watch off and see his shop. His facilities were in order (the workspace and equipment were clean and in good condition) and Haris himself was very friendly and very knowledgeable about what he was talking about (he carries the same passion about watches that most, if not all of us on this board do).

    At any rate, this is just a pre-review as a follow up to the above posted review... I'll post a new, full review of this watchmaker and the services performed once the work is completed (I believe his time estimate was 4 to 6 weeks).

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