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Thread: First Omega - what age and why did you get an omega?

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    Re: First Omega - what age and why did you get an omega?

    When I was 32 decided was time for a “proper” watch. After spending an inordinate amount of time surveying the watch field looking at several watchbrands and styles ended up coming back many times to this watch. It checked all the boxes...and still does. Ive added several since then but still have this one. Rrp in 2002 was a princely sum of $1750 and I got a nice deal from Topper Jewelers from a recommendation.

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    Re: First Omega - what age and why did you get an omega?

    I love these stories. Keep them coming
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    Re: First Omega - what age and why did you get an omega?

    I bought my first Omega 23 years ago when I was 36. Saw the MK40 in a shop window and liked it right away. It was the days of the Schumacher/Ferrari Speedmasters in yellow and red which were far too loud for me.
    I wore that watch every day for almost 18 years and then handed it down to my daughter who still wears and loves it.

    Via some failed experiments with a Speedy Pro, 8500 AT and MC300 I have now safely landed with the 60th anniversary SM300 LE and plan no further watch purchase in my life.

    I see the occasional Omega in the wild, mainly Speedy Pros and SMPs. And on a train in Switzerland I once sat opposite a guy who sported a PO Chrono which looked fantastic because he had really big wrists...
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    I got my first Omega last week. I’m 34 and have wanted an Omega for a few years. Always thought I’d go for a vintage 50/60’s one but saw this at a great price and went for it.
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    Re: First Omega - what age and why did you get an omega?

    I was 46 when I bought my first omega i have always had a nice watch starting with tag heuer late teens and then moving on to breitling .sold the breitling and for a year or so had nothing, then I sold my carbon race bike and decided to use the money on a nice watch instead of fluttering it away.there have been another couple of tudors I purchased and still own but that's another storyName:  098.jpg
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    Re: First Omega - what age and why did you get an omega?

    Great posts all!

    I got both of my Omegas this year at age 36. I purchased a Tudor Pelagos last year, but my boredom with it led to a trade for an Aqua Terra. I've become slightly obsessed with watches, specifically Omega, since that AT purchase!

    When I made my last Omega purchase last month, it was between the Speedy Pro and the 300M. I ended up going with a 300M because of the ceramic, hot new 8800, and overall aesthetic. But damn, I loved the Speedy. Any serious collector needs one, right?

    Oh, and Seiko makes a hell of a diver for the price. I want more of those too...
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    Re: First Omega - what age and why did you get an omega?

    60th birthday present to myself. Why? After years of dabbling in affordable watches (Casios, Seikos, micro-brands), the curiosity got to me and I wanted to see what the Speedmaster was all about. I went to a dealer (the only one in my state) and I swear I heard angels sing when I put it on my wrist for the first time. I sold all my affordable chronographs (EMG, Armida, Bulova, Heitis, Seiko) and the Speedmaster now sits as the crown jewel of my collection.

    I am also one of those people who responded that they have never seen one in the wild, and that remains true today.

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    Re: First Omega - what age and why did you get an omega?

    Quote Originally Posted by Aliosa_007 View Post
    Nice story, but I didn't fully understand the bit about the watchmaker bench and the priest. Could you explain, please?
    I took it to mean he was studying to become a priest and started dabbling in watchmaking. It was so frustratingly fun that he lost his religion and became a watchmaker! (Sorry, OP. Just kidding.) :)

    I bought my Speedmaster when I was 40. Had a great opportunity to buy one, my new wife agreed, and boom! It will be the last watch I ever get rid of. Hopefully it's my kid getting rid of it long after I'm gone.
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    Re: First Omega - what age and why did you get an omega?

    I bought my Breitling new at 25, my first nice watch once I paused spending money on cars and started feeding this other hobby.

    Bought my first Omega, a Speedie Reduced, at 27.

    Flipped that a few weeks ago at 29 to get my 42mm Planet Ocean 2500, which I'd had my eye on for years.

    And now I'm trying to kick this watch buying habit, stick with the more formal Breitling and daily-use Omega, and go back to sinking money into cars.

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    Guess WaterPro Chronograph 42mm (whole lot of history)

    In the garage:

    Carrera 3.2 Targa (toy)
    F10 5-Series (daily)
    Audi Q3 (hers)

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    Re: First Omega - what age and why did you get an omega?

    Got my first (1 of 2 Omegas I own) on an amazing 4 week drive holiday of Western Europe in July 2009, at the age of 47. I was based in Brussels, Belgium with work at the time.

    I was determined to buy a Swiss watch in Switzerland, so I paid through the nose in Swiss Francs for my DeVille Hour Vision at an Omega boutique in Lucerne after arriving from a few days at Lake Como in Italy.

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    I last wore it a few weeks ago and she was averaging +2 seconds per day.

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    I wear it mostly on the leather strap that I have purchased since. I will never flip it as it is a reminder of a wonderful time of my life.

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