Grand Seiko SBGA011... (Non-Omega, Picture Intensive.)
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Thread: Grand Seiko SBGA011... (Non-Omega, Picture Intensive.)

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    Grand Seiko SBGA011... (Non-Omega, Picture Intensive.)

    Hello all,

    I have had this watch for two weeks now, and what an amazing watch... I get lost in the details, it is beautiful to look at, and so far it has not gained or lost any time since I have had it. Of course I have been wearing it 24/7, so that helps to keep it stable (temperature is consistant and the mainspring is kept fully wound so torque is consistant). This is an easy everyday wear watch, it is very comfortable being Titanium, 10bar WR, Anti-magnetic, 41mm, blah blah blah. I love how the titanium grey of the case and bracelet works with the dial. I think polished stainless steel would fight with the pure white of the dial and they would wash each other out. The grey lets the polished hands and markers do their job, and that is be visable. I love titanium grey...

    The dial and that blue second hand is just amazing. The blue second hand glides across the dial, and it is in no hurry to get around it. The grace of it is peaceful compared to the rush of a 8Hz beat engine, which seems like it is in a race to circle the dial in comparison. The dial is supposed to represent snow on a mountain, near the factory where the watch is made... It really is pure white like snow. The blue second hand really stands out against a perfectly white dial, and I love how light runs along the length of it (since it is polished) as it rotates around the dial. This is a graceful watch to look at.

    Take a moment to look at the hands, all of them. None of them are flat two dimentional. They all have contours of some kind, even the power reserve hand. Check out the cap on the second hand, look at the point on the end of the second hand, even though the second hand is very thin Seiko still managed to put that point on it. The crystal is nicely domed, and has a great AR finish to it. I don't know how they did the minute markers and the text on the dial, considering the texturing on the dial, and yet they are all perfectly painted on, with depth, which I tried to catch. You can see what I mean with the two photos next to each other displaying the black 'Grand Seiko' script, you can see that it is 3D by the light reflection difference in the two photos, (for example, compare the 'S' in the two photos, you will see how it is contoured) even though it is painted on. The words on the bottom are quite small, and yet their detail and texture is very rich, even zoomed in. This dial took considerable effort to make, and I assume it took some time too. I cannot imagine how some of it is done.

    So here are some photos. This is a difficult watch to photograph, because so much of the dial is just full of details. Everything on the dial that is metal is polished to a mirror finish. I can reflect light off the dial on to the wall, and the watch is perfectly displayed on the wall, Seiko, hands, GS, Hour markers, date window, all displayed as a light reflection. You can read the time like looking at the watch. Even the inside dial ring under the crystal is polished to a mirror.

    When you look at the movement take a close look at the crystal. I don't know how they did it, but they ghost imaged the Grand Seiko seal into the crystal. You can see it in some photos but not all, it is very transparent, and yet it is there. I like the pinstripes on the 2nd layer plates...

    Again, this watch is very hard to photo, unless you are zoomed in Macro like. Zoom out, and the dial gets all fuzzy in most shots, at least for me. Pics were taken with a Canon S90 using a Raynox DCR-250 Macro lens.

    (Please let me know if there are any other photos you would like. I have never seen a GS before buying this one, and I can say, you would not be disappointed...)

    I hope you all enjoy...

    You really don't get a scale for things with these pictures, the detail is amazing. That small polished bar at the empty side of the power reserve scale for example, is beveled and polished, yet is easily less then 1mm wide... The GS logo is quite small, but very detailed and polished.

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    Re: Grand Seiko SBGA011... (Non-Omega)

    Quote Originally Posted by SpringDriven View Post
    Hello all,

    . The dial is supposed to represent snow on a mountain, near the factory where the watch is made...
    love that.

    I can reflect light off the dial on to the wall, and the watch is perfectly displayed on the wall, Seiko, hands, GS, Hour markers, date window, all displayed as a light reflection.
    and that...

    what a beauty. go seiko! enjoy.

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    Re: Grand Seiko SBGA011... (Non-Omega)

    Its a BEAUTIFUL watch Springdriven

    GS is definitely next on my list!!!

    The details as you mentioned is amazing! Your photos really does justice to that watch.

    save money save money....
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    Re: Grand Seiko SBGA011... (Non-Omega)

    Just wow! The ultimate hand crafted beauty you lucky dawg I can stare at it all day every day Outstanding James thanks for the pics plz more.
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    Re: Grand Seiko SBGA011... (Non-Omega)

    What a beauty James! Exquisite finish! I like it a lot!

    - Hiro

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    Re: Grand Seiko SBGA011... (Non-Omega)

    The dial is spectacular! (Your pics are pretty good too )
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    Re: Grand Seiko SBGA011... (Non-Omega)

    I've seen a lot of Seikos but this one is really a stand out, what a beauty!

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    Re: Grand Seiko SBGA011... (Non-Omega)

    Wow, that GS is really beautiful. Great camera work, too.

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    Re: Grand Seiko SBGA011... (Non-Omega)

    Dizzy....can't.. breathe...falling....

    One of the best looking watches ever. Congratulations!

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    Re: Grand Seiko SBGA011... (Non-Omega)

    Drop dead gorgeous, James. The superlatives that are coming its way are richly deserved.

    With the info that Seiko will be offering the GS line, worldwide, I wonder how long it will be?

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