Help Identifying and old Omega

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    Help Identifying and old Omega

    Came across this, any ideas?

    movement is in its own case

    any ideas?

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    Re: Help Identifying and old Omega

    Not a helpful reply, no idea at all. Initial reaction is a bit of a put together from and my apologies to any members from the area Armenia. Lume looks reasonably fresh, several other factors as we can all see just don't add up.
    Hope someone else can tell a bit more, any possibility of a movement shot?

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    Re: Help Identifying and old Omega

    I think its an original womens lapel watch (probably from 1900-1917 that was fitted into a wrist case as was the fashion to do starting in the mid 20s and through the 30s. But what throws me off is the center second hand. I don't think that came along until later then the 20s. So-it could possibly be a late womens lapel watch fitted into a case. In any case-it is an interesting but probably not particularly valuable piece of watch history. I would try and get to the cal. inside and take a serial # shot so you can date the movement.
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