Help for my next purchase, Rolex or Omega
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Thread: Help for my next purchase, Rolex or Omega

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    Help for my next purchase, Rolex or Omega

    Hi all, I have never asked before for recommendation for my next purchase. But now Iīm a bit confused. So it will be very helpful to have some feedback from owners of these possible watches.
    First of all, my wrist size is about 6.5 inches in circumference and itīs flat. The range of my watches is in between 38.5 mm to 42 mm. I will give some insights in the state of my collection. Something very important to consider is that I have quite a lot of good quality straps in 20 mm.

    My options are these:

    Omega Seamaster CO-AXIAL 41 mm ( in black.

    Price: around 3000 USD new, box and papers.

    Pros: Good dimensions. Good price. Good aesthetics. Domed sapphire with antireflective coating.

    Cons: Outdated movement. I dislike how the crown protrudes from the case. I saw in a video that the endlinks have some play. Not the best lume in the hour and minute hands.

    Omega Seamaster CO-AXIAL MASTER CHRONOMETER ( in black.
    Price around 3950 USD new, box and papers.

    Pros: Good movement. Good aesthetics. Good price. Good price-quality ratio. Domed sapphire with antireflective coating.

    Cons: Excessively large lug to lug widht which is around 50 mm. Thatīs too much and I only could use it with the bracelet. I donīt like how large the helium scape valve is. Not the best lume in the hour and minute hands.

    Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M CO‑AXIAL MASTER CHRONOMETER 41 mm (
    in black

    Price around 4000 USD new, box and papers.

    Pros: Good aesthetics, itīs seems to be a very good point in between dressy and sport. Domed sapphire with antireflective coating.

    Cons: Movement, no quick date change, no ball bearing in the roter whell, and there are some possible concerns about itīs durability. Itīs very thick considering that it is only 150 meters water resistant. This watch is almost discarded. Scarce lume in the minutes hand.

    Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M CO‑AXIAL MASTER CHRONOMETER 38 mm (
    in black.

    Price around 4000 USD new, box and papers.

    Pros: Good aesthetics, itīs seems to be a very good point in between dressy and sport. Domed sapphire with antireflective coating. It is less thicker thatn the 41 mm at 12.4 mm. Good movement.

    Cons: The lug is 19 mm. Scarce lume in the minutes hand.

    Rolex Submariner no date (114060)

    Price: around 7100 USD box and papers. I live in Switzerland, last time I check one month ago, it was available together with Rolex explorer, although they sales man said that he cannot warranty the availability in the next weeks and months. I have no idea, but maybe it is easier to find these watches in Switzerland.

    Pros: Good aesthetics. Good History. I donīt mind If this is a very common watch, I like it. Good value retention, although I have never sold one my watches, thereby it is not probably so much important this consideration. No date, I prefer watches with no date, looks cleaner and are easier to set during the daily rotation.

    Cons: Outdated movement, no ball bearings in the rotor wheel. The newer movements are in different Rolex watches but not in the submariner, this is big negative point. No antireflective coating in the crystal. Flat crystal, I prefer dome sapphire.

    Rolex Explorer 214270

    Price: around 6200 USD box and papers.

    Pros: Good aesthetics. Good value retention. Good lume. Good history.

    Cons: Outdated movement, but still better than the submariner. Oystersteel is more prone to scratches and having a big bezel made of pure steel seems to be like and scratch magnet. Probably a large lug to lug width at around 48 mm considering the case diameter.

    Current collection in order of size:

    Sinn 556 anniversary.

    This is an outstanding watch, very versatile. In the beginning, I didn’t like it and it was a bit disappointing to me. Now I like it a lot and probably is my second favorite watch.
    Pros: Excellent water resistant of 200 meters. Good size, 38.5 diameter, 46 lug to lug width, 20 mm lug width and around 11 mm thick. With the H link bracelet the lug to lug width expands to 49 mm. Itīs perfect.

    Cons: The spring bar is situated in a very low position which makes the straps to look a bit strange since you can see a lot of the case. For this reason, it looks better in the bracelet and with one pass straps, like perlons and leather nato. The lume is very mediocre, I wish this watch have a BGW9. I will probably re-lume this watch in the future.

    Omega De Ville PRESTIGE CO‑AXIAL 39.5 MM

    Pros: Very simple and elegant, this watch is pure dial and it is easy to read. 39.5 diameter with a very short lug to lug width around 45 mm.

    Cons: I donīt like the lines of this watch on the sides. This cannot be seen from the picture below.


    Pros: This is a very good watch for the price (500 USD), probably unbitable in this aspect. Good water resistance (300 meters), perfect alignment, reliable movement. Good design and excellent lume.

    Cons: The major negative aspect of this watch is the lug to lug width at around of 47 mm. For the 39 diameter it would be superb something at a maximum of 46 mm. On the contrary to the Sinn 556, the springbar is situated in a middle position which makes this watch to look better with straps. This watch is also very thick, due probably in part to the huge dome crystal. The antireflective coating of this watch is not the best. The clasp is not good. In the beginning, the bezel was very stiff, but now it turns flawlessly.

    TAGHeuer Grand Carrera Calibre 6 RS

    Pros: This has the most impressive dial of all my watches. The finishing looked at the microscope is unbitable perfect (Iīm a scientist and I like to see my watches under the microscope). The details and constructions are superb. I know that TAGHeuer is not liked by the community, but without bias, this Is my most luxurious piece not based on the price but based on the quality of construction and finishing. The dimensions are perfect at around 40 mm with a lug to lug width of less than 46 and around 12 mm thick. This is my favorite watch.

    Cons: The movement of this watch has a tendency to stutter, which is not the case of mine. The lume application is very scarce, I would like to re-lume this watch one day when technology improves more. On the contrary to the Sinn 556, this watch doesnīt have a good margin to increase the application due to design. Since the lug to lug width is very short, some straps can be damaged or marked by contact with the case, something that is easily fixable by bending a bit the springbars, which makes a look of the strap more integrated with the case. The lastly is not a necessary a negative point.

    Speedmaster Professional

    Pros: This watch is a classic, it has good aesthetics. I like also the box and accessories of this watch, which for others could be a negative aspect.

    Cons: The bracelet extends quite a lot the lug to lug width at around 54 mm due to a huge protrusion in the end links. This makes the watch to look big on my flat wrist (around 6.5 inches), but this watch looks very good with other straps combinations. The clasp also lacks quality in the inside finishing. The Seahorse in the case back could be better as in other Omega models.

    SKX 007 J

    Pros: Diver certificated. Very good proportions, 42 mm with a very short lug to lug width at around 46 mm. There are a lot of interchangeable parts for this watch.

    Cons: There are problems related to misalignments bezels and dials. Mine came perfectly aligned, bezel and dial, but this could be more a rarity than a norm. Although this was my last purchase of 2018, so there is still the possibility that these guys are improving this aspect. The movement is not the best, although mine has been running 2 seconds faster per day in the last 7 months. But again, this could be more a rarity than a norm. The rubber strap is very bad quality, although some people like it, which is the same for the bracelet. I put this watch on an Angus Jubilee and is a killer combination. For the price, I could consider that this is a good bang for your buck at 220 USD plus 107 for the Angus jubilee considering that my watch is perfectly aligned and is running 2 seconds per day. However, if this watch presents miss alignments and is running within the worst possible specs, I would consider this watch expensive for what you get. The crystal has a not good looking bevel and is not saphire.

    Thanks a lot for your help!
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    Re: Help for my next purchase, Rolex or Omega

    You have given a number of watch choices here, and then gone on to critique them positively and negatively, but nowhere have you mentioned why you want a new watch, what type of watch appeals to you, what purpose it will have (ie daily or occasional wear), you also mention you are a scientist and I think you may be thinking like a scientist in choosing your next watch, now scientists do not take matters of the heart into account when assessing tasks and watch buying is very much done with the heart ...

    Of the above I have the exp 1, and whilst I agree with the pros you mention not once have I given any thought to the cons you mention (or even see them as cons).
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    Re: Help for my next purchase, Rolex or Omega

    My recommendation would be not to buy anything right now. Instead, go places where you get to see the watches up close or where you even might get some hands on experience. Sooner or later your choice will become clear and there will be a particular watch that you obsess over. I can tell by your pros and cons that you have done your research and have probably looked at these watches extensively online. But the type of pros and cons you list are the cold reasoning from a computer screen and have very little to do with the way a particular watch makes you feel. Then again, that is how you talk about your own collection as well. For me, the main ingredient of loving a watch is something intangible. Hence I must see them in real life. I have lusted over watches that left me cold and ended up purchasing watches I had not even considered online.
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    Re: Help for my next purchase, Rolex or Omega

    After 3.5 years still my favorite watch.
    It doesn't scratch as much as you think, even the polished bezel looks good after all this time
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    Rolex Explorer 214270
    Tudor Heritage Black Bay Blue 79220B
    Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 2201.50.00

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    Re: Help for my next purchase, Rolex or Omega

    With a 6.5in wrist the Rolex choices are much better than Omega with that very thick movement. As far as Rolex movements being outdated, that's almost like saying my iPhone 8 is old technology. For 99% of folks you'll never know the difference and with Rolex it only means the power reserve will last for 2 days vs 3 so again no deal breaker.
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    Re: Help for my next purchase, Rolex or Omega

    i think the explorer is the only option that doesn't already look somewhat similar to something you already have in your collection and plays well between dressy / sporty
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    Re: Help for my next purchase, Rolex or Omega

    Seamaster AT in either size depending on your wrist. To me it is the most elegant of the options you presented while maintaining a good amount of sportiness. Imo, similar to the Explorer without the arabic numbers, which ruin that watch for me.
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    Re: Help for my next purchase, Rolex or Omega

    Get the Sub or Exp I and SKX!
    SKX either way for $300.00 a lot of watch.

    Continue to have fun deciding! That’s part of the thrill and experience.
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    Re: Help for my next purchase, Rolex or Omega

    Of these the Rolex sub or explorer. A no brainer really.
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    Rolex for sure if you have the means. I prefer the sub if you can get it. But expl is gaining momentum at the moment. So get it if you can't get the sub.
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