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    Smile Identify seamaster quartz

    i posted a thread last night about setting time on old seamaser quartz
    and as my photos of watches need coaching i will try to describe more
    fully,it has black dial,silver bars as numbers double at 12 position,sweep second hand,crown with centre button and 10mm below crown small
    recessed crown for changing day and date,it is marked seamaster on dial
    and below quartz,on bottom quarter of dial seamaster.opened back(lift off)
    1845 7 jewels
    (then triangle marked as below)
    watch co
    fab suisse
    then watchmakers marks
    wn67 z3/75
    if these marks are of real date it makes it much older than my watchmakers 1980,the movement looks to be of high quality with much
    gold,gold battery contacts and all gold filled circuit boards.
    when my daughters visit on 18th i will learn to take photos of watches
    with the above imformation can anyone help to identify
    thank you for imformation on how to set time,it was with button in centre
    of crown for minutes,seconds and crown for hour
    allan honey
    p/s it does not protude case very far from crystal/app 4/5mm
    watch is in as new condition

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    Re: Identify seamaster quartz

    I'm not sure where the question was in there but from your description the case reference number appears to be 196.0107. Using this to look up the watch on Omega's Vintage Website ( gives this:

    Looks like your watchmaker's estimate was accurate.

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