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    Re: Incoming!!!!

    Congrats, Dan! I was following your search and It was clear that you would not have been happy with any other Aqua Terra other than the original Skyfall.

    I really hoped that you could find one in the conditions you wanted, so as not to be tempted by another model that was not what you were really looking for ...

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    Re: Incoming!!!!

    Congrats Dan, I can only imagine how happy this watch will make you

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    Re: Incoming!!!!

    Don't sell it away again this time.... Lol

    I haven't worn my Spectre AT in a while, but it says hi nonetheless....

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    Re: Incoming!!!!

    This is fantastic news indeed. Congratulations!

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    Quote Originally Posted by solesman View Post
    Well itís probably no secret to most of the regulars here that Iíve been debating picking up an Aqua Terra. I was debating a newer reference with the horizontal lines and date at 6. Annoyingly the designs I liked most only came in 41mm and despite trying to convince myself it would be ok, I came to the conclusion that a smaller version would be better. The 38mm blue dial became the No1 contender, but the shade of blue was a little light for my taste.

    As many know, I used to own the 38.5mm ĎSkyfallí AT back in 2013. I sold it on for three reasons. First being I was in my mid thirties and caught up in the Ďdiver sportsí hysteria, secondly I was much larger back then with a fatter wrist and felt it wore too small and lastly I was far more casual in my dress style. Times however have changed for me. Iím much slimmer and fitter now and my round wrist carries the smaller AT style much better. Also Iím a little more dressy in my style now and the AT suits that perfectly. The Skyfall AT dial is the perfect blue. I mean perfect!

    This would be the first watch that Iíve ever bought for the second time. You read often on watch forums of people buying and reselling the same watch several times. I used to read these posts with much humour and here I was about to embark on the same madness journey.

    Now times have changed with regards to this particular reference. Itís become a unicorn. In a month of looking Iíd come across very few examples for sale. They were either in bad condition, missing box and or papers or outside the European Union, thus bloody expensive to buy.

    Anyway....on Thursday morning my Instagram buzzed with a direct message from a chap who follows me. He tells me that heís been following my profile for a while and saw I was hunting. He informed me of one for sale that I wasnít aware of. I thanked him and looked up this particular shop and sure enough they had one. It looked in fab condition and came with everything. A full set as it were. A quick phone call and brief negotiation and it was a done deal. Funnily enough Iím never that brazen, but it felt right. I paid and went to collect it yesterday. Iíll admit I was very nervous, but knowing I could get a refund if not happy really buoyed me. The sales assistant brought it out and sure enough it came with all the papers and box. Then she opened up this little purse and out came the watch. Now remember I used to own this watch and in the past month Iíd watched every YouTube video I could find and looked on Instagram and on here to see this watch. Well I was totally blown away. My girlfriend gushed ďitís really beautiful!Ē Now she couldnít careless about watches, but this one she really likes. What a watch! It was handed to me and the condition can be described as 99% pretty much perfect. Funnily enough it was sized perfectly to my wrist. Now Iím slimmer it wears perfectly. Im totally in awe of it. It really is one of the most beautiful watches that Omega have produced IMHO. Iím so so lucky to have a second chance with this watch.

    Anyway here is a photo. Quick and dirty. There will be lots more. That I can promise.

    Thanks for reading guys and girls!

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    Great Dan! Thanks for sharing with us the journey! The Skyfall is a beauty indeed, glad you find the perfect example and that you are happy with it!

    Wear it in good health!

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    Congratulations, Dan!!

    I'm really happy you held out for the Skyfall and didn't settle for something else.

    For me, now that your Liquid Metal PO and Skyfall AT are back together in the stable, all is right again in the watch world.

    I couldn't be happier for you. Enjoy!!

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    Re: Incoming!!!!

    Congratulations Dan! I'm happy to see that you were finally able to track down a Skyfall AT. Enjoy it and wear it in good health!

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    Re: Incoming!!!!

    That's a fine lookin timepiece. congrats.

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    Re: Incoming!!!!

    Now that was quick, huge congrats Dan. Don‘t sell it off again this time around

    And yes, we definitely need many more pics
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    Re: Incoming!!!!

    Congrats Dan, Ive seen your posts expressing an interest in re-acquiring the AT Skyfall so really glad you’ve closed out a purchase. Enjoy it!!

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