Misaligned chronograph hour hand on Speedmaster Pro

Thread: Misaligned chronograph hour hand on Speedmaster Pro

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    Misaligned chronograph hour hand on Speedmaster Pro

    Two days ago I received a Speedmaster Pro 3570.50 that I purchased from a reputable eBay dealer. I just had the bracelet resized today, so I've just begun wearing it and paying attention to its operation.

    It appears that the hour hand of the chronograph is a little ahead of time (i.e., it is past the hour marker or the midway point between hour markers, when the chronograph minute hand is at 30).

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    I failed to note whether it is exactly aligned on 12 (i.e., "0" hours) when the chronograph is reset. I don't want to reset it right now because I'm watching to see if the overshoot grows with each passing hour on the chronograph; right now I've got pictures with the chrono at 1, 1.5, and 2 h elapsed time.

    First, I'm asking for thoughts on the cause of and solution to this problem (or maybe this is within tolerance?).

    Second, after 6 h of monitoring, the watch has picked up 8 s compared to my laptop clock (~32 s/d).

    The case, bracelet, crystal, etc. are in near mint condition with nary a scratch. Thus, I'm a little surprised that it seems to have these mechanical issues.

    One other bit of context: I have owned a Speedmaster Auto Reduced for several years and have had no such problems with that chronograph.

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    Re: Misaligned chronograph hour hand on Speedmaster Pro

    same here,is a common issue on the speedy,use it and enjoy it!
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    Re: Misaligned chronograph hour hand on Speedmaster Pro

    Seen this issue before and AL of Archers explained the problem but cant remember hopefully he sees the thread.

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    Re: Misaligned chronograph hour hand on Speedmaster Pro

    Thanks guys for your comments. I found a response from Al from March 12, 2014 that addressed the chronograph hour marker not resetting exactly to 12 (i.e., '0').

    As I mentioned above, I didn't pay attention to how mine resets and right now I'm letting the chronograph run to see how it looks all the way around the dial. So far, the misalignment seems to be holding steady (i.e., just slightly past the respective hour marker with each hour elapsed on the chronograph). I'll definitely note how the chronograph hour hand looks when I do reset it late this evening.

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    So should I contact the seller (overseas) and complain, or is this just the sort of thing that I should live with?

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    Re: Misaligned chronograph hour hand on Speedmaster Pro

    I had the same issue with mine. Thankfully it was only slightly off so it did not drive me entirely crazy. Had it trued up when sent it in for service and now just fine.
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    Re: Misaligned chronograph hour hand on Speedmaster Pro

    Both mine have done this. Not a big deal. Can be fixed at a service if required, but I personally wouldn't bother

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    Re: Misaligned chronograph hour hand on Speedmaster Pro

    Looks like just a simple case of the hour hand not having been (re)installed exactly in the right position.

    Regarding gaining 32s/d, many chronos (don't know about Omega) run very slightly faster when the chrongraph is engaged. Engaging the chronograph puts more load on the movement, which reduces the amplitude, which increases the rate.
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