Moonphase with 100m water resistance?

Thread: Moonphase with 100m water resistance?

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    Moonphase with 100m water resistance?

    Can you tell me if a they made the Speedmaster Moonphase with a water resistance to 100m? I could swear I saw one on their website a couple of years back, anniversary watch of the "man on the moon"? The watches made today only go to 30m, and my preference is to 100 for swimming purposes. I see some net sites that say they have a "broad arrow moonphase" with 100m depth, but I'm not sure they're legit (serial numbers have been removed.) Really want the moonphase with the water resistance. Advice?

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    Re: Moonphase with 100m water resistance?

    as i know, only limited edition can do this.

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