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Thread: Is the new Seamaster Pro your GADA watch?

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    Re: Is the new Seamaster Pro your GADA watch?

    Funnily enough I've been thinking to myself about a topic similar to this in regards to my Omega.

    I truly believe my Omega Seamaster 300 SMPc Midsize (36.25mm) in black is the probably one of the most perfect/versatile time piece you can get.

    This little watch packs alot since it has same great things we love with its bigger brother but with the small size it's less noticeable, lighter, and you can easily wear it with a suit.

    For reference my wrist is 6.5" and the shape of my wrist is more flat than round.

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    Re: Is the new Seamaster Pro your GADA watch?

    I bought it hoping it could be my default watch. I.e. wear it all the time unless I have a reason not to.

    Sadly it's not for me, at least not for that purpose. The main reasons it can't be a GADA watch for me are comfort and practicality.

    It's too heavy, too thick, and I find the display case back pulls on my skin. By the end of the day I look forward to taking it off.

    The bezel on mine is also terrible to use in cold weather, and despite having lots of lume the skeleton hands mean legibility in the dark is poor.

    Still, I like it in small doses.
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    Re: Is the new Seamaster Pro your GADA watch?

    The linked article in the original post makes some good points, especially in reference to surrounding ourselves with like minded enablers via social media which further fuels the frenzy. I don't believe I could ever whittle down to a one watch collection but if I did it would be my G Shock GW-5000 on a combi bracelet. While the current Seamaster Pro is great watch (and on my short list of new acquisitions) I would not be comfortable in wearing it during some of the activities I participate in.
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    Re: Is the new Seamaster Pro your GADA watch?

    It's a great article, so thank you OP for posting it. As WIS, we do whip ourselves into a frenzy reading all the watch fora and following watch-related IG feeds.

    It just creates a self-fulfilling prophecy of wanting every watch, but seriously, do we REALLY need all these watches?

    I've started consolidating my collection and have reduced it from 6 to 4 watches. Trying to whittle it down to the bare essentials of what I really want in a watch. Hopefully 4 gives me enough variety to wear in rotation so I'm not bored but not too many watches that they sit idle in the watch box for days or weeks.

    However, I'd be lying if I still didn't get excited looking at the classifieds and watch dealer IG feeds or websites to see what new incomings they have and deciding whether or not I want to buy them...
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    Re: Is the new Seamaster Pro your GADA watch?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lftwgr View Post
    Go Anywhere Do Anything. I only noticed this new fangled term in the past quarter. Kids these days tsk tsk
    The acronym has been around for many years now. And as far as I'm concerned, the SMP is classified as a diver, not a GADA.

    Also, GADA does not mean a one watch collection. It was coined to classify watches that don't fall under dress watches and divers, but have qualities of both. In the Rolex line up, it's the Explorer*. Omega has two: the Aqua Terra and the Railmaster.

    * - Almost all Oyster Perpetual watches not on Jubilee bracelet can be GADAs, but Rolex wants people to think of them as dress watches. :)
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