Omega 2535.80.00 Service alternatives

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    Omega 2535.80.00 Service alternatives


    Any idea how much a full service of an Omega 2535.80.00 watch will cost from the Swatch Group? Are there better quantity alternatives out there?

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    Re: Omega 2535.80.00 Service alternatives

    Check out Nesbit's well regarded and Archer also highly regarded here. Best of luck.

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    Re: Omega 2535.80.00 Service alternatives

    Few private watchmen can do a very nice work on your 2535.80 In addition to the ones recommended above I suggest you check Rik Dietel at Time Care in Florida: great service and very respected, has an Omega account so can order any parts your watch may need. Other options comes to my mind are LA Watch Works and ABC Watchwerks in California
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