OMEGA Boutiques' Strap Swapping/8900 Planet Ocean Bracelet Questions
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Thread: OMEGA Boutiques' Strap Swapping/8900 Planet Ocean Bracelet Questions

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    OMEGA Boutiques' Strap Swapping/8900 Planet Ocean Bracelet Questions

    One day,

    I was going jewelry shopping with my wife, while out of town, and happened to visit a local Omega Boutique.

    While my wife was eyeing her eyes on the Blue Dial Aqua Terra 38mm (an effing sexy watch) and while she is trying it on, I tried on a 41mm Grey dial Aqua Terra (with teal second hand) and noticed the this one had a grey gator strap, instead of the grey rubber strap or a blue gator strap I was originally expecting. When I pointed that to the salesperson, she pointed out it was actually a common practice, and then showed me a sapphire sandwich speedy pro with a brown calf skin they have on display as an example.

    Then I came home, saw my Planet Ocean, which is a 43.5 mm, black dial 8900 with Omega Deployant buckle and a black 21mm Omega generic gator strap, from a local boutique, and saw the following reference number on my box, and based on my Serial number:

    Then I found out the exact same Planet Ocean with its matching gator strap with rubber lining had following reference (not a generic 21mm gator strap that came with my watch).
    At the same time, although I was the one to remove the watch from the plastics without any apparent signs of strap changing tools used on the lugs (until I started playing with my watch my self with NATO straps), I then finally found out the small marks that most likely were made on the case, that seemed to be due to the bracelet's end links, while moving it out. I mean, I am a klutz, but even I would not leave a scratch on the CASE (not lugs or the strap), while switching my straps out.

    After this, somehow I have been having mixed emotions about this. I was considering buying a bracelet, if the bracelet costs too much, but at the same time, I do like my PO on a strap, more than I would on a bracelet. I also considered getting the Original Planet Ocean Strap (the one with rubber lining, not the one i have), so that if my gator strap is worn out for good, I can retain the comfort/weight/balance of the strap, while retaining the original looks. However, I wonder if that would be against me, should I ever, consider trading in my Planet Ocean, due to the difference in reference number as shown. Only thing I know is that although I was able to get a somewhat reasonable discount at the time of purchase, I am and wondering why I was not careful enough to ask such questions and hash it out, before I pulled my trigger, so I would not worry too much about it? I understand the salesperson's rationale, as I once inquired the IWC boutique about selling me a 3714 Portuguese with the milanese bracelet from a Portofino, which they said was a possible option, albeit a cost extra (obviously this deal did not fall through), but even considering IWC, at least they said they do not prefer such request, but considering what I saw at that OB, I cannot help but hoped to see that customers are known of such strap changes, as well as the original strap/bracelet option, before they pull the trigger.

    What is your suggestion? Am I just being overly anal, or do you think it is a better idea to buy a bracelet, either on Omega AD, or ebay (if I can find the right one)? Do any one also know the part number for this Omega PO bracelet? Lastly, I was wondering if you have seen boutiques or AD's change the straps on the watch and sell it to you, before you even know it? Please let me know!

    P.S. Anyone know the part number for Planet Ocean 8900 bracelet, and how many link I should be expecting in a full shabang? Please let me know!

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    Re: OMEGA Boutiques' Strap Swapping/8900 Planet Ocean Bracelet Questions

    My head is spinning. Maybe it’s too early in the morning for this one. Haha

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    Re: OMEGA Boutiques' Strap Swapping/8900 Planet Ocean Bracelet Questions

    Oof interesting situation.

    My local AD does that strap/bracelet changing game too; my Breitling SOH was on a leather strap when I saw it but they swapped on the steel Milanese bracelet at my request when I bought it. At the time Breitling didn't really split reference numbers by bracelet style (they do now) like Omega does though so I guess was more excusable.

    I strongly prefer my PO on a strap, it's more comfortable and the contrasting color makes the watch look better IMO. That said I totally get where you're coming from, I'd also want to have the bracelet that aligns with the reference number. You would be able to sell the watch without it, it happens all the time, but you may take a hit in value. That hit may be less expensive than buying the OE bracelet though.

    It looks like this is what you'd need... not cheap.

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    It's sounds really ridiculous to me that they sold you the watch without the strap it was supposed to come with. I've never heard of that happening, it should either come on the bracelet or original rubber. I'd be beyond pissed if I bought a PO new, and found it to have a completely different strap. Why would they be allowed to sell it that way? That's nuts.

    Hopefully I'm not misunderstanding what happened.

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    Re: OMEGA Boutiques' Strap Swapping/8900 Planet Ocean Bracelet Questions

    They can throw in a strap but they should never remove the strap.

    The reference tells you how the watch comes from the factory. Double check and insist they provide the correct strap or bracelet.

    Unless disclosed with a discount this is very shady and I’d be very upset. Although I wouldn’t have allowed that to happen from the get go.
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    Re: OMEGA Boutiques' Strap Swapping/8900 Planet Ocean Bracelet Questions

    Sounds like you bought a used watch.

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    Re: OMEGA Boutiques' Strap Swapping/8900 Planet Ocean Bracelet Questions

    I was looking at a Deville at an Omega boutique (this reference still has the caliber 2500 movement inside) but I said how I liked the deployant that comes on the Devile with in-house movement. They said they could swap it for me and indicated it would not be at an extra charge, at least that's my understanding, since one can easily get a 20-25% discount if not going the OB route.

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