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    Omega Flighmaster question

    Started collecting Omega Chronos years ago. I like the tool look. I've picked up several flight masters and was wondering if they are becoming more popular overall or still have their own smaller niche?
    Quick pic of most of the collection. Some Sinns in there also.
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    Tudor Subs
    Bell and Ross 142
    3 or 4 Seiko 6309s
    Seiko 6105
    O&W M1

    and too many others
    All my dive watches are pressure tested in the Atlantic Ocean.

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    Re: Omega Flighmaster question

    I think the Flightmaster is a very interesting watch with great functionality, but it’s simply too big for my wrist. I think the size keeps it as a niche product. I have the same feelings about the Speedmaster MkIII, and the Big Blue Seamaster.

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