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    Hey all, my researching paid off thanks to all your help!

    Is the warranty on Omega moonwatch 2 or 5 years? Went in thinking 5 but doesn't matter if its whatever Omega offers worldwide.

    Negotiated to NZD$6,650 which is 16.5% discount on the tax free price. Works out to be $150 more than if I was to get it from Aus. Benefit is they will give me the box beforehand so I don't have to lug it around for 2 weeks, and they will order a brand new one for me.

    The sapphire moonwatch is gorgeous, none of the other Omega watches appealed to me. The white ring wasn't a deal breaker in person.

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    The staff wasn't sure if it was 2 or 5 years but website confirms 5. She wasn't sure if the warranty card will be updated but as long as my purchase date is valid then its fine.

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