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    Re: Omega Seamaster 2254 Custom (big pictures!)

    I like it. It's been customized to the detail and both sides of two watches been thrown together to make one splented one. It's not 100% my taste but I like it! Respect for your work ;)

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    Re: Omega Seamaster 2254 Custom (big pictures!)

    Very nice work, both with the watch and the photos.

    The second hand and bezel look very smart, overall it looks very



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    Re: Omega Seamaster 2254 Custom (big pictures!)

    do we only need a 42mm PO's bezel and PO's crystal ?

    Quote Originally Posted by ASRSPR View Post
    And now, a brief addendum regarding SMP bezel removal

    Here's a diagram of how the two bezels fit the SMP case. This should be taken as a rough cross-section of the case along the stem axis. As you can see, there's a gap between the inner wall of the case shrouding and th bezel because the PO bezel is just marginally smaller than the SMP one. Also, the PO bezel's crenelations are not as deep as the bezel lip on the SMP bezel, which may make it even harder to remove.

    The SMP bezel is so notoriously hard to remove because the case sides are a bit shrouded and there's no way to get under the bezel from the sides. The SMP bezel sits flat on top of the shrouding (see diagram above), but there's not enough depth for a Rolex-style 4-blade or Horotec case crab type bezel tool to force the bezel off that way.

    The Horotech case crab does work when inserted between the lugs, but pressure along just the single axis may deform the bezel if the bezel spring is tight and there's alot of junk underneath accumilated over the years. My circa 2003 SMP 2255 gave me alot of trouble using the Horotec tool, but my newish 2254's bezel popped right off. I guess this teaches us to clean under our bezels every so often. The click spring is held in a recessed groove on the case and the 12 and 6 o'clock axis is clear of the click spring teeth, so that's at least not a concern for going in that direction.

    I could never get the $25 AF rubber tool to work with any bezel (Omegas, Seiko 007, Orient Mako, Bernhardt Globemaster), no matter what I tried; John_in_SC has had reasonably good results with it though.

    Presumably the Bergeon 6820 tool that pushes against the crystal would work too, but it might scratch up the case sides a bit because of the positioning of the claws would force at least one straight against a sloping edge on a lug.

    With the PO bezel installed, it's literally only hard work with a case knife or a tool like the horotec case crab that will work. The only leverage is through the slot between the lugs - I doubt that the crenelations are wide enough to pull on them to remove the bezel without scratching them to hell. And since they don't sit on top of the case shrouding, here's no way that a three-claw tool like the Bergeon will find purchase.

    Here are the tools that I'm talking about:


    Horotec case crab:

    $25 AF rubber tool (picture from Ofrei):

    Bergeon 6820 (also from Ofrei):


    Thanks for the comments, everyone. The last few watches that I've shot have had big polished surfaces, so the mostly brushed and matte finishes on this one have been a good as they've allowed me to get out of the light tent and do some more interesting lighting.

    EL: I saw your posts about your watch! So far, it's not a big deal for me yet, but I guess you might be right. Is it just the bezel insert or is the bezel taller? I forgot to measure them both before I finished the swap. If it's the former, then switching in the stock 2254 bezel should solve this problem...

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    Re: Omega Seamaster 2254 Custom (big pictures!)

    Just curious, will the PO Bezel insert fit in a stock 2254.50 Bezel without any issues? I do like the smaller numbers on the PO insert...

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    Re: Omega Seamaster 2254 Custom (big pictures!)

    I like it Excellent pictures and details regarding the bezel differences.
    Thanks for posting this.
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    Re: Omega Seamaster 2254 Custom (big pictures!)

    Wow, looks awesome and really nice pictures. The 2254 is one of my faves and hopefully some day I'll pick one up. The second hand on that watch really stands out nicely - love it!

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    Re: Omega Seamaster 2254 Custom (big pictures!)

    Awesome. Beautiful Pics and even though I love my 2254.50 in its stock format, your version is IMHO, the watch Omega should have made.

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    Re: Omega Seamaster 2254 Custom (big pictures!)

    Me likes. Nice job!
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    Re: Omega Seamaster 2254 Custom (big pictures!)

    I don't like it, but hell man, nice job on YOUR watch!

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    Re: Omega Seamaster 2254 Custom (big pictures!)

    Cool mods, looks very nice!

    But, how does this affect the water resistance of the watch?
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