Omega Speedmaster Missions Gemini IX, need informations!

Thread: Omega Speedmaster Missions Gemini IX, need informations!

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    Omega Speedmaster Missions Gemini IX, need informations!

    Hi guys!

    I own a Omega Speedmaster Missions Gemini IX Edition. This watch was in my fathers posession since 1998. Last Friday he gave it to me for my graduation. The watch has never been worn, and still has all the original Omega markings on it. Since this watch has been in our posession for so long, I do not have any clue how much this watch is worth and so on. I have been googleing for some time now and the only information I got is that it seems as though this watch is a very rare one, limited to only 40 pieces, if that was to be the watch. The site I found said that the Missions watches were introduced to the 40th anniversary of the speedmaster itself. Every NASA mission (from gemini over apollo to skylab) got one watch. The thing is, that I do not know if this "limited to 40" refers to each of these watches or to the whole edition, so that there is just one watch from each mission.
    As you guy can see, I have lots of questions.

    Please help me!



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    Re: Omega Speedmaster Missions Gemini IX, need informations!

    Welcome to WUS, Moritz. Congratulations on your graduation and your new Speedmaster! I believe this is the watch, which you describe.

    As you said, this and the rest of the "Missions Series" are quite rare (though, perhaps not as rare as you think). The series was issued in '97 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Speedmaster, and included a model for each Gemini, Apollo, and Skylab Mission, with appropriate "patch" at the 9 o'clock position. Because these Limited Editions were not numbered, it's difficult to say exactly how many were produced. Estimates I've seen range from 150-200 for each mission.

    I'm assuming your assumption of "40 pieces" comes from this chart, produced by Omega Museum curator Marco Richon and acquired by our old friend, Jean-Michael. It states:

    "« speedmaster missions » collection, issued for the 40th anniversary of the Speedmaster : 40 numbered cases from 01/40 to 40/40 (PIC 3599.99) with 23 watches on bracelet : 1 « replica » of the first model CK 2915 dated 1957 (SS 345.0022 - PIC 3598.50) and 22 watches with mission patch on dial : Gemini, Apollo et Skylab (ST 345.0022 - PIC 3597.02 to 3597.23), caseback engraved replica or to the mission name and numbered 01/40 to 40/40, depending of case number"

    Based on this, it's easy to assume that "40 numbered cases" refers to individual watch cases. While, in fact, this figure describes a limited number of complete sets of the Mission Series Speedmasters. These sets included all 22 Mission watches, a '57 replica Speedmaster, an encased cal.861 movement, and a loupe, presented in an exclusive Omega briefcase. An interior photo of one such case appears in John Goldberger's book "Omega Watches."

    I wouldn't want to attempt to affix a price to this one, as the sentimental value such a fine graduation gift from your Father probably outweighs the real dollar figure. With some serious googling or diligent ebay watching, you can probably determine approximately what someone would pay for this or any of the Mission Series Speedies.

    I hope that helps and I hope you enjoy this one for a very long time.

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    Re: Omega Speedmaster Missions Gemini IX, need informations!

    Here's a link to a French site which has some general information.

    The following picture is from that site:

    Unfortunately, Omega has released so many "limited edition" speedmasters that the market is flooded with them and the value of a specific piece is hard to determine. I'd suggest keeping it and wearing it in good health!!

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    Smile Re: Omega Speedmaster Missions Gemini IX, need informations!

    I've found in my country Spain a speedmaster Gemini VI New old stock. I've released this year in January. There are only 150 units in 50 + boxes of missions. I put some pictures for you see.
    Speedmsater is a very very rare.
    Un saludo amigos
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