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    Re: Picking a Seamaster

    My two cents.
    Both look great. I’ve tried on all three colors (haven’t tried white dial). Like they said before, blue is the one most people will probably get. The gray dial with blue is different and a “new” color combination. Personally I like the blue dial more on bracelet and the gray dial on the blue rubber. The blue rubber/gray dial combo is fantastic! If you already have blue dials, consider the gray. If you don’t have blue dial watches then it is a tougher decision. At the end, the blue one might be easier to sell if you eventually tire of the watch. Emphasis on “might” because it could be the same or maybe the gray one ends up being hotter. But right now, blue is the more popular choice. There is no wrong choice.
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    Re: Picking a Seamaster

    I find the grey weird looking. I would definitely go with the blue.

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    Re: Picking a Seamaster

    My vote goes to the blue. I think the blue will have a longer appeal over time than the grey.

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    Personally I prefer the blue, here is a video that I ran into lately about this subject,

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    Re: Picking a Seamaster

    Congratulations on the blue Seamaster! I'm looking forward to see pictures of your new watch.

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    Re: Picking a Seamaster

    Blue for me too. Congratulations OP. Lets see some photos when you have time
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    Re: Picking a Seamaster

    Quote Originally Posted by thx67 View Post
    Ive tried them all on. The grey is quite funky initially but I think you would tire of it. The problem with the grey is that it almost clashes with the steel. Its a couple of shades off the steel colour and to me it looks like they couldnt match the dial. On bracelet it completely washes out the dial. I have the grey dial aqua terra which is a similar tone and I dont wear it very much due to the colouring of the dial. The blue is pretty funky but its a strange shade of blue. It seems to have a slight green (teal?) tinge to it under certain lights but out of all colours its the one that really stands out if youre looking for a really bright summer stunner. The black is the most subdued and classic of the lot but still had a nice sparkle to it in some lights but perhaps its the "safe" option. Im still debating which colour myself so I would be interested to see which option you choose.
    It depends a lot of lighting environment and angle of view how the dial is rendered.

    Here are a few of my photos that display various states (light blue, dark grey, silver):

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    Re: Picking a Seamaster


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    Re: Picking a Seamaster

    Blue is the safer pick - less chance that you grow tired of it over time.

    But the grey has a cool factor for sure.

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    Re: Picking a Seamaster

    Quote Originally Posted by Cod Holliday View Post
    Personally I prefer the blue, here is a video that I ran into lately about this subject,

    Came here to post the same video !
    It should really help the op out. He makes some valid arguments.

    Btw my vote goes to blue.

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