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    Hello Omega enthusiasts.

    As the title suggests, I am seriously thinking of adding an Omega Planet Ocean 600M to my collection, especially after trying a few on at a local AD on Friday here in the UK.
    However, I am finding the choice a little overwhelming as a relative newcomer to the Omega brand and was hoping you guys may be able to point me in the right direction.

    I have been an admirer of watches all of my life and two years ago I only owned a couple of old Seiko Kinetic watches, one of which I still have. After watching an unhealthy amount of YouTube videos I started hankering after something a little better and in no time at all I acquired a collection of automatic watches, including a Squale, Junghans Max Bill and Glycine all of which I have now sold. I still have a Hamilton Khaki Field, Christopher Ward C60 Pro 600, Sinn 104, Longines Flagship Heritage, Ball Engineer II Marvelight and Oris Divers Sixty Five Bronze Bezel (all of which I love)

    The problem is (and I assume that this common to many watch enthusiasts) that I started looking at the next level up and spotted a good deal on ebay for a pre-owned Tudor Black Bay GMT. Once this landed and I appreciated the feeling of a higher end watch and how it made me feel, I then acquired through the grey market a Zenith El Primero and Omega Speedmaster Professional (purely because I wanted a manual wind in the collection).
    Fast forward to now and there is still a space in my watch box, that I would like to fill with an Omega Planet Ocean 600M.
    I will probably move the Christopher Ward on if I get the PO as it is quite similar in style.

    So on Friday, I spent a very pleasant hour in my local Beaverbrooks trying on various colour and bracelet combinations. This in itself was a totally new experience as all my previous purchases have been made online after reading reviews and watching videos.
    I would really appreciate your input into the following as you guys have far more knowledge and experience than me on these matters!


    ​I am not the best at negotiation, especially face to face, but I was refused any sort of discount twice, and was told that all they could offer was 48 Months interest free credit. I then had the 'you can walk out of here with your dream watch for a 10% deposit' sales talk. I am not particularly looking to finance a watch in this way and would prefer a discount for full payment, but this was refused outright, which I found a little disappointing. The watch is priced at £4,970, which is by far the most I have paid for a watch and the exact same watch is available through Chrono24 at £3,900.
    I was very impressed with the time given to me in store, and can see the added value of buying instore from a Bricks and Mortar AD.
    Am I being unreasonable to expect some kind of discount, or is this common for Omega AD's?
    And should I be looking somewhere else or maybe waiting for a better deal?

    2. SIZE
    Yes, that old chestnut again!
    I have 6.5 inch wrists and had assumed that my only option would be the 39.5mm watch. However, the store only had the 43.5mm models in stock. Actually, the sales assistants kept referring to these as 42mm?? Anyway, I was quite surprised to find that the relative compact lug to lug distance meant that the 43.5 didn't overhang my wrist and looked and felt OK. Am I right in saying that the 39.5 tends to be preferred due to it being a little thinner? I didn't feel as though the case diameter was an issue at all. Yes, it was a hefty piece and I was aware of the thickness, so am I better going for the smaller size?

    3. COLOUR
    I was really taken with the Blue and once they had peeled the film off the dial it really 'popped'.
    However, my eye was also taken with the Black and Orange, which unfortunately is only available in the 43.5. Most of my collection is quite restrained and I thought it would be nice to add something a little different.
    The Blue is a classic and quite dressy but the Black and Orange is obviously more on the sporty side.
    I don't think I could carry off the Rubber Strap version with the bright Orange highlights, especially at my age (60 next Birthday) and maybe I would be a little uncomfortable wearing something that would draw too much attention! But the bracelet version of the Black and Orange may be OK.
    I know this is purely a personal thing, but what are the experiences and thoughts of you guys.

    I realise that colour and size are both personal preferences, but I would still appreciate any nuggets of wisdom born by experience that you guys can offer.

    Many Thanks,

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    Iíve got the 43.5mm black dialed 8900. It wears small due to the lugs. When traveling, I really appreciate the jumping hour hand (the 8800 movement in the 39 mm does not have this function). I also appreciate the new clasp on the POs. Easy to adjust on the fly without removing the watch from your wrist.

    LOoOser in the brotherhood
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    Just bought a GMT PO myself. Don't have it yet.
    Listening to the type of watches you listed above makes me think of some certain YouTubers. I'm not sure how some people have become so popular. I'm assuming it's from speaking of high brands like Rolex and breitling at the time and then slowly working your way down to the lesser-known brands or more affordable brands and people start buying these up.
    We're not in watch collecting to sell the watches but unfortunately I am a serial flipper and because I am I'm very careful with what I buy.
    Some of these brands pushed by YouTubers would never do very well on the resale market. This may not see interesting to you but if you needed money for one reason or another you want to make sure that you don't overpay for a watch in case you have to sell it. Buy the watch at a fair price.
    So I'd like to first speak on the sizing I haven't owned planet ocean yet but I do own a speedmaster and several Rolex submariners. I've worn watches as small as 25mm and as large as 45mm.
    After having gotten used to wearing larger watches sometimes it's hard to go back. You'll get used to the size. The height of the watch does bother me at times it made me sell my Tudor black Bay but the planet ocean is larger and it's supposed to be a larger watch.
    As for price I'm actually a big fan of the financing option that being said why not go to a seller that's on the form. You can pm me and I'll send you to someone. honestly buying and selling on here and all of the business I've done I mostly look for the Post count. If they have a large amount of posts and reviews they can be trusted.

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    I am a big fan of the POs

    I am not far off your age, but the Orange hasnít been off my wrist since I got it. It is great!

    Whereabouts in the UK are you?

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    I have a 7.25 wrist and the 45 wears big

    I love it but itís as big as I go
    Works in NYC(Near the UN)
    Lives in Nassau County, Long Island NY

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    I myself think that orange 12-3 crown PO in 43mm is awesome and looks awesome with the black/orange-edge nato.

    At the end of the day, if you didn't get the "price" you were looking for from the AD, go somewhere else. Don't forget that part of the "experience" is feeling satisfied with what you purchased the watch for. Sometimes satisfaction is with a certain dollar value or certain percentage in your head, and sometimes that's full price. All depends on what makes YOU feel like what is a "good deal" for you.

    Also, big watches on small wrists isn't a big deal - does it feel good to you? Some will, some won't. Don't wear a small watch if you don't like how it looks on you.

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    Iíve got 6.75Ē wrists - the size of the 43.5 PO is totally fine since the lugs are shorter. I normally wear on the bracelet but since itís summer, Iíve swapped over the rubber for more comfort.

    Youíre going to get a million and one different opinions here - the general theme is going to be: pick the size thatís most comfortable for you! Everyoneís wrists are a little different in size - some rounder and some flatter, so diameter is only one measure.

    As for the price - Iíd recommend holding out for a reputable seller from here on WUS. Youíll save a ton of money, the watch will still likely be under warranty and well cared for. The only watch Iíve bought brand new was the Omega SMPc Chrono, which Iíd thought keep forever but ended up selling - and when I did, boy did I lose money on it. If you think youíll eventually flip it in a few years (or months!), donít buy brand new.

    I absolutely love the PO 8900 - although sometimes I find myself missing the POLMLE that I had for a few months, but one of my favourite things is how versatile it is. Swap the strap out and itís super dressy (perhaps not black tie formal), and otherwise it can play along the whole spectrum.

    I took a couple of photos from further away to give you some context:

    Good luck with your purchase!
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    Of the three Planet Oceans I've owned, the one I now have is my favorite, 42mm 2500D. The others were 2500D XL and 8500 XL. My wrist is 7.75".

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    I was always fascinated with PO. Tried on the 43.5 but felt it was too thick. I went for a preowned 2500 version LMLE. Watch is a fantastic size and has all the features I like. It is running -1 spd which is awesome. Good luck, there are many great PO choices out there
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    I'm usually not a fan of dive watches, but the planet ocean is probably IMO the best looking one out there

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