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    Re: PO 8900 Bezel Alignment

    I suspect that this will be considered 'within specification' by Omega.
    I agree that at over 5k, these things should be perfect, however, I also acknowledge that this is, unfortunately, an unrealistic expectation.
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    Re: PO 8900 Bezel Alignment

    I saw it in the photo immediately. It is misaligned, and agree that it is unacceptable on a 5K watch.

    After a bad experience when an alignment issues completely ruined my enjoyment of what was at the time the most expensive watch I had bought, I carried a small loupe with me for the next purchase.

    Hope they can find a solution for you.

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    Re: PO 8900 Bezel Alignment

    It looks to be slightly off. I’d ask them to try and get a better fit and then hope for the best.

    If it was a Seiko we’d be saying, Wow, it’s almost a perfect fit ;)

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    Re: PO 8900 Bezel Alignment

    I don't think I have ever owned a diver whose bezel was not 1mm off or so. It's annoying now, but you'll get over it. It's not worth sending this to Omega to have it fixed under warranty because it will take months.

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    PO 8900 Bezel Alignment

    I wouldn't expect this of a watch at this price point. I'm not surprised either.

    I had a PO 2500 which on close examination had applied markings off-centre. It must have been made on a Friday afternoon. A favourite watch an the worst watch I've owned.

    My new PO 8900 LE seems to perfectly aligned. Applied markings in correct position.

    Consider getting it corrected and don't buy into the ADs excuses. We pay an extraordinary amount for our watches. We sometimes neglect to put into perspective how much we spend because we are enthusiasts. The general non-WIS person on a low to medium income wouldn't dream of spending what we spend on a watch.

    I have a Tag Heuer F1 that had the same issue. I left it with Tag Heuer to align under warranty, it's better but not perfect. It's a $1000AUD watch, not a $8000aud Omega.

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